How to Outswim a Shark Videos!

(A Keating Creature Feature)

The second book in the MY LIFE IS A ZOO series is out now!

In case you missed it, we shared loads of blog posts, fun facts, giveaways, and guest posts to celebrate! (You can log onto Twitter and check out the #SharkNotes hashtag to find everything!)

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We shared some goofy pics...


Keating Creature Video File 1: Spineless Wonders

In this video, we're going to learn about what an invertebrate is (a spineless wonder!), and round up three awesome invertebrates featured in the book. What's your favorite?
Outswim a Shark Week: Spineless Wonders!

Keating Creature Video File 2: Shark Teeth!

This video is all about shark teeth! We learn what makes shark teeth special, including the fascinating denticles that cover a shark's entire body. Did you know sharks can help Olympians? Find out how!
Outswim a Shark Week: Shark Teeth!

Keating Creature Video File 3: Working with Animals!

In this video, we talk about three great careers for people who love marine animals. There are more than just marine biologists!
Outswim a Shark Week: Working with Animals!

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