Library Connection

Nov 2015 No. 2

New Books in the Library

Tech Tip for Students and Staff


More than 90 million adults in the US have low health literacy—how well a person can get needed health information and services, and how well he or she understands them—according to the National Library of Medicine. NLM producesMedlinePlus, a National Institutes of Health website that’s just one of several consumer health resources available to the public.

Photo Editor by Aviary: This is a powerful photo editing tool with many rich options to tweak and share images. It works on both Android and iOS devices and is free.


Many PHS students have library fines that have carried over from year to year. You can take care of this in several ways. Mrs. Haas will accept cereal boxes or other non-perishable food items for the Pratt Food Bank till the end of the month. Drop by to check out what is owed and work out a compromise with Mrs. Haas.

You can also read during one or more seminars in the library. Your seminar card will need to be signed by Mrs. Haas before lunch that day. $1.00 will be deducted from your charge every seminar that you read. Or last but not least, you can hand over cash.

Book Displays-Veterans Day and New Books

The library has a number of fiction and nonfiction books that span from the Revolutionary War through the Iraq war. Be sure to drop by soon to checkout as another display will be out after Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Haas, PHS Librarian

Library Hours 7:15 am-3:50pm