2V Class News

Week 3 Term 2

In our classroom...

Athletics Carnival

Thank you to those parents who were there to assist. The students had a wonderful day. I was pleased to see, while I was there the encouragement and 'have a go' attitude that our class displayed. I'm sorry I had to leave the second half of the day but I am assured the students continued these behaviours.


Another reminder, our Monday assembly will be moved to the afternoon starting at 2:30pm (rather than the morning). It will still be under the cola. This is to allow time for coding.

Public Speaking

We have been working in class on planning techniques for impromptu speeches and writing persuasive pieces. Next week (week 4) students will have their practice speech in class time. Please ensure you have been assisting them where needed in preparing their speech at home. This is not done at school. The following week will be the formal assessment and 'speak off'.

Our Learning

In literacy this week we have been planning and writing persuasive pieces. This has involved a plan of some description - picture, T chart, web, voicing our plan in to sentences and then writing using an introduction, paragraphs and closing statement.

Mathematics has been focusing on further addition strategies - place value, friendly chunks, and using MAB blocks. Students are gaining a sense that the more strategies we are equipped with, the more options we have to solve problems quickly using the most suitable method. We have really been enjoying working in math groups and have had an increase in student engagement over the whole class.

Team 2V are really coming together as a learning group this term. I am proud to see so much effort from students as they continue to take on challenges in their learning and exercise their brains!

The Wiz

Bulli HS is performing a show 'The Wiz'. Tickets have been offered to years 3-6 for a few weeks now. There are still spots which are now open to year 2 students. It will be first in first served. Notes were sent home today. If watching this performance is something that interests your child, please return the note promptly.

Coming Events

Monday 16th May

Coding Lesson 3

Miss Vernon PL day - Mrs Potter on class

Friday 20th May

District Cross Country

Miss Vernon PL 12-3pm - Mrs Potter on class