Louis Armstrong

By: Aidan Lemorande


Bang went the gun as Louis Armstrong shot the gun in air the as the cop came over and arrested him.

Early Life

Louis Armstrong was born on August 4th 1901 in New Orleans. He had one sister named Beatrice a mom named Maryann and a dad named Willie. His dad left when he was only a infant. He was arrested at 11 years old because he shot a gun in the air on new years He went to The Colored Waifs Home For Boys.

Adult Life

On March 19, 1918, Louis married Daisy Parker and adopted a three year old but that didnt last. On February 4, 1924, Louis married Lil Harden Armstrong but even that didnt last.Then Louis married longtime girlfriend Alpha Smith and that didnt last either. After that Louis then married Lucille Wilson.


Louis Armstrong was know for being a trumpet player. In his bands hot five and hot seven one of there most popular songs was called the heebie jeebies. Witch came out in 1926 louis was 25. he was one of the best Jazz musician ever.
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Louis Armstrong Picture

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