Why the SAT's are helpful

By Brian Basilio

How the SAT can help you

It can open doors for your future because if you want to get into a four-year college they will require you to submit an admission test score as a part of your application. You mostly need them because most colleges will require them so see if you are able to qualify or at least try to qualify. If you get good scores you will most likely stand out in college admissions and get a bigger and better chance of getting in. The SAT can help guide your college sources because you can compare your scores with other students in the college and see if you know your're good enough to get into that college or not and if you're good enough there can be a chance of you getting a scholarship for it and it could help pay for your fund or whatever.They are also able to see if you studied or not with the score you got or if you really tried on it. It can also help colleges find you by opting in the student service when you register for it you are eligible or able to get free information for colleges. They can also help later on in life or you possibly could help your kid when he has to take one.

How the SAT works

The College Board, the not-for-profit educational association that sponsors the SAT. The SAT is based on Math, English, and Writing throughout your school years and see if you're able to join the college you're trying to get accepted in. They are necessary for success in college because you don't want to go to college without knowing what to do and fail and waste tons of money for nothing. But if you're thinking about being a Math or English teacher you should try to get a good score and go to college and try to get a job of being a Math or English teacher. But the SAT have 3 sections like Reading, Math, and Writing but can be worth up to at least 800 but a perfect score is 2400 which means you did fantastic and you would tremendously be noticed when applying for college. Colleges will add your points up and see if you did well or not but the minimum is 1600 to pass. You are able to retake the test if you want if you don't do well the first time because they're important for colleges because they can know you just from that but sometimes colleges will look at your highest score out of the three sections. The best time to take the SAT is during your junior year in college and improve later on.

Different Aspects of the SAT

10 steps to prepare for the SAT

The 10 best ways to prepare for the SAT

1. If you know nothing about it you should practice it because practice makes it better.

2. You should know how the text structure should be so you could get a good feeling of what it may look like.

3. You should read everyday because you gain more knowledge when you read.

4. You should study or memorize your vocabulary because their may be some complicated words that you may not figure out.

5. You should write many essays for the writing part so you are able to know how a perfect essay should look and if you have good grammar for it.

6. You should try to solve formulas on your own for the math part because you may not always memorize every single formula and not have a clue what to do when it's test day

7. You should memorize the rules and formulas because you never know if they're going to be on the test

8. You should be able to get a big advantage in multiple choice because you may be able to get tons of answers right from it

9. If you don't know the answer to the question you should know when to guess or not or skip it because you don't want to stay on a question for a long time and waste time

10. You should not be stressed for the SAT and should be a stress free zone