US Industrialization

Jordan Witherill

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J. Pierpont Morgan

Who: John Pierpont Morgan was an American financier and banker. Who was good at corporate finance. "When you expect things to happen- strangely enough they do happen." -JP Morgan

What: John founded the banking company J.P. Morgan & Co., one of the best financial firms in the country, in 1871. It was his own private company. He helped the railroad industry in the East, and formed the U.S Steel corporation in 1901.

Were: His company was in the Philippines, he is the founder of Chase.

When: Birth date: April 17,1837 - Death date:March 31, 1913

Why: J. Pierpont Morgan is important because, he helped get us past the Great Depression. Also he is considered country's leading businessman.

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Great Railroad Strike of 1877

Who: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was a strike done by all the angry railroad workers who got their pay reduced by a lot. Which led to them going on strike to get a better pay.

What: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was the first major railroad strike, and was the first general strike in the nations history. Governors in 10 states made 60,000 militia members go and help reopen the railroad traffic.

Where: The strikes broke out in Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and San Francisco.

When: The strike happened in 1877.

Why: The Great Railroad Strike is important because, it was the country's first major rail strike.

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Alexander Graham Bell

Who: Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor. His best invention was the telephone. He invented it in 1876.

What: Alexander was a teacher of the deaf who had the idea of electronic speech. That idea made him interested in making the "electrical speech machine". That's what he called the first telephone.

Where: Alexander invented the telephone in Boston in 1876

When: In the 1870's Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

Why: He is important because he made people be able to communicate from long distances!

Alexander Graham Bell. PBS.

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Effect on Native Americans

Who: The Native Americans were forced out of their homelands, and into reservations.

What: The Native Americans thought that the railroad workers were trespassing on their land. Also they knew the buffalo needed lots of acres to survive. So they were concerned the railroad would interfere. Many battles were fought.

Where: Some of the Native Americans that gave in to the railroad were the Pawnee. They lived in Nebraska and Kansas.

When: In the 1860's the railroad was just starting to be built.

Why: The effect on the Native Americans is important because, their land was being taken away from them, which made it an important part of history. And the buffalo were going extinct because of the railroad.

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