Crosby Scholars Senior Program Newsletter - May 2019

Our Mission

We will assist public middle and high school students in Forsyth County in preparing themselves for successful college enrollment.

Our Vision

We seek to ensure that every public school student in Forsyth County has the opportunity to attend college.

Important Dates:

May 1 - National College Decision Day

May 2 - Senior Honors Gala

May 5 - Fulton Carolina Medal - Application Deadline

May 5 - Dean Smith Integrity Award - Application Deadline

May 15 - Last Dollar Grant Application Deadline

May 15 - College Signing Day Event

May 21 - Crosby Scholars Invitational

May 31 - Final Conference Notes Due

Senior Gala Highlights!

Congratulations to...

  • Marley Priest of the Early College of Forsyth - recipient of the $8,000 Michael Nachman Scholarship.
  • Yareth Alonso-Camarillo of Parkland High School and Yanitza Ramirez of Parkland High School - recipients of the $8,000 WFU/Crosby Scholarship.
  • Anthony Davis-Pait of Mount Tabor High School, Skylar Beam of Reynolds High School, Gaddy Solano Huerta of Reynolds High School, Imani Spigner of Glenn High School, and Mya Murphy of Reynolds High School - recipients of the $1,000 Joyce Kohfeldt Determination Award.
  • Jonothan Miner of Reagan High School, Miguel Perez Montero of Parkland High School, Trey Baker of Atkins High School, Arianna Hopkins of the Early College of Forsyth, and Jamilah Muhammad of Carver High School - recipients of the $500 Friends of Bernardine Rea Book Scholarship.
  • Trevor Staton of Atkins High Shool, Himani Bhat of Reagan High School, and Skylar Beam of Reynolds High School - recipients of $1,000 Right Decisions Right Now Scholarship.
  • Nickolas Childs of East Forsyth High School - recipient of the $1,000 AAMPED Scholarship.
  • Josh Martin of Reagan High School, Jack Turner of Reagan High School, and Saven Baker of Atkins High School- recipients of the $1,250 Advancing Capitalism Scholarship.
  • Jeda Lee of Reynolds High School, Michaela Phelps of West Forsyth High School, and Himani Bhat of Reagan High School - recipients of the $1,000 Bigs for Success Scholarship.
  • Trevor Staton of Atkins High School, Lauren Guldberg of the Early College of Forsyth, Alexandra Myers of Parkland High School, and Carley McCall of East Forsyth High School - recipients of the $300 Harry Scofield Memorial Book Scholarship.
  • Anthony Davis-Pait of Mount Tabor High School - recipient of $1,500 Goodwill Willpower Scholarship.
  • Neil Williamson of Atkins High School, Mar-Alain Bertoni of Parkland High School, Nicole Iturbide of Atkins High School, Adam Ernest of Atkins High School, and Eric Augustine of Atkins High School - recipients of the $250 Cultural Awareness Scholarship.
  • Anthony Davis-Pait of Mount Tabor High School - recipient of the $1,000 Mona W. Lovett Community Volunteer Excellence Award.
  • Olivia Blake of East Forsyth High School - recipient of the $1,000 Mona W. Lovett Service and Relationships Award.
  • Ameera Watkins of West Forsyth High School - recipient of the $1,000 Mona W. Lovett Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award.
  • Giavonni Gerald of Forsyth Middle College - recipient of the $1,000 Mona W. Lovett Outstanding Commitment to Service Award
  • Monica Cruzat of the Early College of Forsyth - recipient of the $1,000 Mona W. Lovett Outstanding Service to Crosby Scholars Program Award.
  • Marion Martin of the Early College of Forsyth, Kristen Hauser of Atkins High School, Nicole Iturbide of Atkins High School, and Adam Ernest of Atkins High School - recipients of the $250 Mona W. Lovett Outstanding Service to the Crosby Scholars Program Finalist Award.
  • Harrison Andrews of Atkins High School - recipient of the $1,000 Bill Caldwell Memorial Award
  • The 343 seniors who are recipients of the Executive Director’s Award. Their names are printed in bold in the Senior Honors Gala program.

  • Thomas Ross of Atkins High School, Antonio Rattley of Carter G. Woodson School, Jamilah Muhammad of Carver High School, Marley Priest of the Early College of Forsyth, Hannah Craver of Glenn High School, Medelyn Sorto-Sanchez of Kennedy High School, Ryan Absher of North Caorlina Leadership Academy, Marc-Alain Bertoni of Parkland High School, Lizbeth Navarrete Salinas of Quality Education Academy, Jasmine Su of Reagan High School, Isaac Anthony of Reynolds High School, Meredith Robbins of West Forsyth High School, and Chaz Gwyn of Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy - who are currently ranked #1 in their senior class - recipients of the Outstanding Performance Award.

Last Dollar Grant Applications Due By May 15

Supporting Documents May Be Uploaded after May 15.

Seniors must submit their Last Dollar Grant (LDG) application through their Crosby Scholars Student Portal prior to May 15. Three supporting documents are needed to complete the application and may be uploaded to the Crosby Scholars Student Portal as the scholar receives them even if it is after May 15. So if you have not received all three documents, you may and should submit your LDG application by May 15!

Crosby Scholars LDG are need-based aid. All scholars who have a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 2.0 or higher upon high school graduation, demonstrate not only financial need but also remaining need after the school of choice has awarded aid and who have successfully completed all Program requirements are eligible to apply to receive a LDG of up to $1,200. A scholar who does not graduate from high school with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 may apply once his/her college cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher.

Last Dollar Grant Tutorial Video:

Celebrate College Signing Day With Us!

We're celebrating National College Signing Day on May 15 along with other schools and organizations such as Better Make Room and its Reach Higher Initiative begun by Michelle Obama to encourage young people to complete their education.

A peek at what to look forward to . . . .

  • a DJ
  • outdoor games
  • snacks like Dewey's, Sunshine, and MORE
  • College Student Panel

Click HERE for more details and register to come celebrate!

Journaling: Manage Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and other Benefits

You are starting a new chapter in life, whether it is college, the military, working, or taking a gap year, a lot is going to change in a very short amount of time. You may be moving, going through basic training, or just trying to decide which clubs to try out on campus. It can all be overwhelming, but there are outlets for you. One of the best ways to manage stress and all that's going on in your head is to journal. You may be thinking, "that's just for girls," or "I don't have time to write in a journal," or "I don't feel stressed," or some other excuse, but there are ways to journal that fit everyone.

Here are some different ways to journal, try out a few and see which one works best for you!

  • Use a journal app on your phone - Five Minute Journal, Day One Journal, or Daylio are just a few.
  • Try Bullet Journaling - all you need is a blank journal -
  • Gratitude Journal - write a list of 3-5 things you are grateful for each day
  • Poetry Journal - sometimes getting your feelings and thoughts our through written word works best
  • Feelings Journal - keep track of how you feel throughout the day
  • Use the Acronym WRITE: WHAT do you want to write about? REVIEW or reflect. INVESTIGATE your thoughts or feelings. TIME yourself to write for at least five minutes. EXIT strategy when finishing your journal entry.

Check out more journal ideas here:

Understand Your Financial Aid Award

Do you need help completing your FAFSA? Do you have questions about your financial aid award? Schedule an appointment with Ashly Wilson, our Financial Aid Advisor by emailing or calling 336-725-5371.

High School Graduation Checklist

Different high schools have different graduation requirements. Here are a few things to remember to take care of before graduation day:

  • Take any final tests and complete any final projects OR triple check if you think you may be exempt from a final
  • Double check with your school counselor to see if you have satisfied all academic graduation requirements
  • Stop by the front office to verify that there are no holds on your record; i.e. outstanding library books or fees
  • Request final transcript to be sent to your college
  • Mail graduation announcements to friends and family
  • Pick up your cap and gown
  • Make sure you know when graduation practice will be held
  • Make sure you know when to arrive for graduation

Top 10 Podcast List for College Students

If you don't already listen to podcasts, you soon will be. There is a podcast for every topic these days and colleges are using podcasts even more to engage students. You may have a professor that recommends a podcast, and your college might even have a podcast of its own. Here is a list of our podcast recommendations to try out!

The Nerdist


Crooked Media's - Pod Save

Stuff You Missed in History Class

TED Radio Hour

Reply All Podcast

LeVar Burton Reads

College Info Geek


Up and Vanished

How I Built This

Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Revisionist History

The Future of Everything

Finish the Semester Strong!

Keep performing at the same competitive level through exams so your grades do not drop as your senior year comes to a close. Your college will review your final transcript and may revoke your acceptance if you have performed below the college’s acceptable standards. Request to have your final transcript sent to your college. Finish the semester strong!

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a simple, but powerful way to show your appreciation. There are so many people who have supported you throughout your high school career. Write a simple thank you note and mail it or hand deliver it to the folks you want to thank personally. Here are a few suggestions of people you may not have thought of:

  • Favorite Teacher
  • Teacher who impacted you most
  • School Counselor
  • Religious Leader
  • Crosby Senior Advisor
  • Coach
  • Essay Readers
  • Scholarship Awarders

Still Thinking about Your College Major?

The summer before freshman year is a great time to explore what you are passionate about. If you are still unsure about what you want to major in in college, take time this summer to volunteer, work, travel, and explore your interests. You will most likely change your major in college at least one time, but why not take the summer to explore who you are and what “knocks your socks off?” Make a list of what you are interested in, then search for ways to get involved. There is SO much out there and now is the time to take your future into your own hands.

10 Tips For College Survival

1. Use a shower caddy and wear flip flops to shower

2. Always keep quarters on hand or make sure you have money on your student ID card for laundry.

3. If you ride a bike on campus, make sure to lock it up. Someone WILL take it otherwise

4. If you live on campus, invest in a meal plan. Most dining halls are all you can eat

5. GO TO CLASS — and check Blackboard or Moodle daily for assignments

6. Get enough sleep. Pulling all-nighters might sound cool at first, but you’ll regret it the next day

7. Stock up on healthy snacks in your residence hall

8. Use the Book Buyback or rent books when available (SAVE YOUR MONEY)

9. Make sure you have the right school supplies to help you succeed

10. Have FUN!

Completing The Process….

Once you have made your final college enrollment decision, you should:

  • submit an enrollment deposit to notify the college that you will enroll.
  • submit housing and medical forms.
  • plan to attend orientation sessions.
  • share your enrollment decision with your school counselor and request that your final official transcript be forwarded to that college.
  • update the college name field in your Crosby Scholars Student Portal.
  • notify the other colleges to which you were admitted of your decision. These colleges then may be able to offer admission to a different student who has been wait-listed.
  • write thank you letters to the individuals who wrote letters of recommendation for you, and inform them of your enrollment decision.
  • identify a summer job to help pay for college costs.
  • review the college’s catalog to become familiar with student services and course offerings.
  • if possible, revisit the campus at which you will spend your college career.

Wrap Up Final Conference Notes

Submit on or before May 31, so be sure to meet with your Crosby Senior Advisor again prior to May 31. If you are behind on meeting with your senior advisor to submit conference notes, you are running out of time to get caught up! You can confirm the status of your conference notes by checking your Crosby Scholars Student Portal.

Parents can monitor their senior’s Crosby Scholars Student Portal, view announcements and events, and confirm if their senior has fulfilled each program requirement by logging into their Parent Portal. If you need assistance accessing your parent portal, emailseniorprogram@crosbyscholars.or or call our office at 336.725.5371.

Only students who complete the Crosby Scholars Senior Program are eligible to apply for Last Dollar Grants and Crosby scholarships.