Trojan War

- Getting all the facts -

Brief summary

The Trojan war began after the abduction of Queen Helen of Sparta by the Trojan prince Paris. Menelaus, Helen's husband convinced his brother Agamemnon, King of Mycenae, to lead an expidetion to retrieve her. Greek heroes joined like Achilles, Odysseus, Nestor and Ajax, and accompied by a fleet of more than a thousand ships from throughout the Hellenic world.

- Interview with Hector -

Interviewer: how have you been adjusting to life in the underworld

Hector: well, it's been thousands of years so I would say pretty well

Interviewer: you certainly landed a good place

Hector: I can't complain about being in the city of the dead. The rents a little high but it's wroth it. It's peaceful, you know?

Interviewer: that's one of the things our readers love about you. You were an amazing warrior, yet you were against the Trojan war

Hector: it was easily avoidable

Interviewer: do you harbor any resentment towards your brother for starting the whole thing?

Hector: I don't want to talk badly about Paris

Interviewer: he caused your city to be destroyed, your entire family to be slaughtered. Thousands of Trojan citizens were killed or taken as slaves, all because he he couldn't keep his hands off of another man's wife

Hector: things were complicated with Paris and Helen