Important Senior Note!

Seniors & Regents Scholarship Winners

Parents & Seniors! We wanted to send one final notice regarding requirements needed in order to check out a cap and gown on Wednesday. 53 seniors still need to complete the senior survey. 107 seniors still need to complete their college application status. We look forward to rehearsal and checking out graduation gear on Wednesday, but those who have not completed these tasks will be unable to do so.

The list of those missing tasks is hanging in the senior hallway or seniors can simply log in to check for themselves. An email can also be sent to to inquire if necessary.

ALL seniors must complete the application status and graduation survey portions of Naviance! Seniors will not be able to check out their cap and gown until these tasks are entered into the system so please take 10 minutes and complete these tasks ahead of time so you can transition smoothly from rehearsal to retrieve your cap and gown!

Required Graduation Survey --> Click on the About Me tab!

Required Application Status Update -> Click on the Colleges Tab

-> Colleges I’m applying to ->Pencil Icon -> enter a RESULT for EACH college