children's right

Blood Diamonds & sweat shops/ child labor

Blood Diamonds child soldiers

200,000 of children between 9-15 have been used for combat, Liberia has broken into a civil war. An area where diamonds are exported illegally, Children have been brought by "rebels". shooting up villages and killing family's. The children are used to search for "Blood Diamonds" financing the war for weapons and supplie. Some children are used to dig and look for diamonds. Pay is very low and expectations are meant to be meet.
Blood Diamonds of Sierra Leone

Sweat shops/ child labor

Children worked in harsh factories for little pay, children are useful because of their size. They could fit in places that adults couldn't like in mines, children were paid less but worked often to support their families. Injuries are common even death, and had long hrs.

Children rights now

B.D: There are still children fighting in this war and searching for diamonds, we can stop this step by step if we stop this the main thing we would need to stop is child slavery. One of the first step is to educate people about this, get them aware " strength in numbers". I think the second step is to try and donate money to the villages and cities getting raided.

S.H/ C.L: There has been laws stopping child labor and having more work rules and regulations. But it also still goes on, in some places like China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

I think this is the most important because children should not be treated and used like this. These human being are still developing, and these conditions are not stable enough. besides some diamonds really do coast an arm or a leg.

(i really tried leaving out the guns and blood sorry)