Tech Tips #2.35

Week of May 18, 2015

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Drawing apps allow students to not only draw, but they can use them for labeling, note-taking, mind mapping, and more.

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What if I don't have access to iPads?

The following computer-based versions are available:

FREE account creation may be required to save your programs/projects.

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Examples of Drawing by Students

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Lesson Ideas

Apple's SketchBook Express Lesson Ideas includes a number of lessons for use in a variety of subject areas and grade levels. Click below to download the iBook on your device.

NOTE: While the book talks specifically about the SketchBook app, the lesson ideas can be applied using a number of other FREE app options (some are listed below in the Get an App section).

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Get an App

The iBook above mentions SketchBook Express. There are many other free options for programming and coding apps. All apps shown below are FREE and do not require an account to use.

NOTE: The list below is a starting point, your students may find other drawing apps that they like better. Allow them to explore!

High School Staff and Students also have access to Notability. Visit the link below to learn more about Notability and how to download it to your iPad.
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GCCISD Educational Technology

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