Wind Sytems And Patterns

Austin, Harvey, London

How do land and sea breezes occur

. Sea Breeze:  this differential heating of land and sea leads to the development of local winds called sea breezes. As air above the land surface is heated by radiation from the Sun, it expands and begins to rise, being lighter than the surrounding air. To replace the rising air, cooler air is drawn in from above the surface of the sea. This is the sea breeze, and can offer a pleasant cooling Land Breeze:  occurs at night when the land cools faster than the sea. In this case, it is air above the warmer surface water that is heated and rises, pulling in air from the cooler land surface

What is the coriolis effect and what effect does it have on objects

Coriolis Effect causes trade winds to appear curving towards the west, if they are traveling to the equator from north or south.  The Coriolis Effect causes objects to move to the west

What are the major wind sytems called

chinook-(westerly wind off the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains) santa ana-(easterly towards Southern California ) scirocco-(southerly from North Africa to southern Europe) mistral-(northwesterly from central France to Mediterranean)marin-(southeasterly from Mediterranean to France) bora-(northeasterly from eastern Europe to Italy) gregale-(northeasterly from Greece) etesian-(northwesterly from Greece) libeccio-(southwesterly towards Italy)

What causes creates wind

.  As the sun warms the earth’s surface the atmosphere also warms. Certain parts of the earth that receive rays directly from the sun all year and are always warm. Other places do not receive the direct rays all year are colder, warm air weighing less than cool air so it rises as cool air moves and replaces the risen warm air the movement causes wind to blow.

What is convection

. Convection:  is the up and down movement of gas and liquids caused by heat transfer. When a gas or liquid is heated it expands and rises because it is less dense. When it cools it falls and causes convection current. Convection is the primary method in which heat moves through liquid and gases


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