Mr. Ebeling's Updates

Navigating the Five C's TOGETHER

November 12, 2013

End of the First Quarter

As I reflect on the first quarter of school, I continue to be appreciative and humbled by the work you do each day. You understand your role and how we fit in the bigger (HSSD) picture. Your work is some of the most difficult work out there...and nobody realizes it unless they do it. Continue to do great things and spread the word! I am here to support you and move us forward. We can and WILL do great things TOGETHER!

Full steam ahead!


Cell Phone: (920) 819-8416

Report Cards


  • November 8- End of First Quarter
  • November 14- 4:00-Grades due and FINALIZED in PowerSchool
  • November 15- 3:30 Report Card message sent home via Connect Ed.

The report cards aren't actually "locked" so if you need to make changes or input grades on Friday you can do that! Not that I want you to wait until the 11th hour...but you can if you need too:)

***If you have have ANY PowerSchool report card questions, please let me know.

PowerTeacher Gradebook on Macs

Here is the process to utilize the Gradebook on your Macs:

  1. Open Safari browser (ONLY use Safari)
  2. Open up Power Teacher (
  3. Click on Gradebook (Found on the left side of page)
  4. Underneath the "Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook icon is a CLICK HERE. Click on that
  5. Click on the "Download Gradebook" icon. When you click on it, you will see a little icon fly across your screen to the upper right hand corner to a DOWNWARDS ARROW icon.
  6. Click on the DOWNWARDS arrow icon and you will see an icon that looks like a book that says "Gradebook"
  7. Click and drag that to the bottom of your screen (The Doc).
  8. It should now be ready to use!
  9. Please contact me if you need help as there may be other issues going on.
  10. Lauren Olsen and Lydia Storby are also certified helpers:)

Jan Richardson Book Study

Thursday, Nov. 14th 2013 at 7:45am

Bay Harbor Elementary

Please come prepared with the materials read (maybe not word for word) and the Schoology assignments finished. You will sit in your "Crews" for the work we will do on Thursday. Come prepared to discuss and grow- TOGETHER.

The book study course code for Schoology is:

Access Code


First Mates

With the arrival of the END OF THE FIRST QUARTER, I feel it is a great time to introduce "First Mates" back into the Bay Harbor Learning Community. I have put together the classrooms and will get feedback at Tuesday's Service Team meeting. More information will come soon after.

Print Center

Please continue to utilize the print center for your printing needs as it is cheaper than printing here. I receive quarterly totals of how much printing is being done as a building and by teacher. It is interesting data and may by a launchpad for me to have some conversations with people in regards to this. Please don't feel like you can't print. When printing, ask yourself:

  • Do I have to print this or can this be done digitally?
  • Is this Value Added work or is it Busy Work
  • Can I print it on Scrap paper

Educator Effectiveness- Surveys

I have really appreciated reading your reflections after giving your surveys. THANK YOU for moving through the process with me. If you haven't given your survey or submitted the reflection in My Learning Plan, please do so.

Screencast from Amanda Waldo - - as she does an excellent job of explaining this process for you.

Giving Tree Food Drive

WOW!!! Remember, a half full bin (or half empty) equals a full bin for a heart on the tree. Let's get to 50....still not sure what I am going to do if that happens. Thoughts? Maybe have your students come up with some ideas and we can have a vote:

Some ideas I have heard or have:

  • 50 push-up
  • 50 laps around the school
  • 50 minutes up on the school during All the lunch recess times (maybe wearing a surprise costume)
  • etc...

Thank you for communicating this drive to your families! The Giving Tree is benefiting from the Giving we are doing at BH! THANK YOU and keep up the good work.


I will be continuing to pop into classrooms for brief walkthrough observations. During that time I will try to fill out the "Informal Classroom Walkthrough Form" in my learning plan. You will get an email letting you know to check out the form so you can read my feedback.

I will also be setting up "FORMAL" observations in the very near future (insert dramatic music here>. Again, this is part of the new evaluation system, but part of the process I have always used as an administrator.

Past Items that are Relevant

21st Century Reporting

Every Student, Every "C", Every Semester

As we transition from Life Long Learning to teaching / reporting out on the 21st Century Skills, please ease your way into incorporating the C's into what you are doing. Remember the rubrics that are out there and the other information that can be found on:

Be sure to talk with your students about the 21st Century Skills. If you are going to report out on a benchmark, be sure students have a good sense of what it means and how it is measured.

Video from Andrea regarding the transition from Life Long Learning to 21st Century Skills:

Link to a great document with description and examples regarding 21st century

Because the below C (#3) is hit so hard in the ELA CCSS and reported on, you will NOT need to report on the this 21st Century Skill.

3. Students will communicate.
Identify key ideas and details when reading and listening to information.
Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.

***IF you have further questions, please contact me directly or Lauren Olsen (BH 21st Century Rep.)

SRT Process

The SRT sign-up form is housed on the staff website.


Password: #sailorpride

There comes times where you feel you need more assistance and support with a student or student(s). When you feel that your tricks and treats are not working, and that there may be more going on with this struggling learner, than SRT is for you. Below you will find a direct link to the sign-up form. Please continue to support each other as well as utilize all supports in our school.

Click Here to view the document or to sign-up. Once a form is submitted, you will be sent an invitation to the first SRT opening.

Threat to Self and Others Reporting

In the event of a situation where you feel a student is a threat to self or others, it is necessary to contact somebody in our school from pupil services (Jen Woulf, Rene Vogel, Maureen Mommaerts) to assess the level of threat and to document in powerschool.

It's Hard to know if you don't know you know?

CLICK HERE to document things you would like to know more about. I will keep this as a standing item on my newsletter. From your feedback, I will either meet with you individually, as a team, or get information to the entire staff depending on the common themes. As always, PLEASE feel free to contact me directly as well.
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