The Elite

by: Kiera Cass

Who will America choose Aspen or Prince Maxon? Or will she stand alone?

America Singer is a 17 year old girl who grew up in a life that was already designed for her. When America enters The Selection there are 35 other girls that had to compete for Maxon with her. America never thought that she would stay into the selection and one of the six girls still at the palace. Although America has come to realize she may love Maxon, she doesn't want to become a princess and accept all the responsibilities that come with it. Also there's Aspen the boy America fell in love with before anyone can remember, and when he turns up at the palace as a guard her life gets even more complicated.Through all of this the palace has had various numbers of attacks from the rebels, some very heart breaking moments, and some very joy filled moments. Maxon has had a ton of mercy on America and the people she loves, and she will never be able to repay him, but Aspen has always been there. Who do you think she will choose Maxon or Aspen?