Alberta Oil Sands.

It says, I say, And so.

It Says:

Something that stood out to me in the article is: Producing oil sands crude here means first clear-cutting boreal forest and then removing as much as 100 feet (30 meters) of underlying soil and peat-up to four tons for each barrel of oil.

I say:

When I read that line in the article I felt upset. I felt very mad. I was mad because people are tearing down one of the world's largest forests just for some oil. When people cut down trees in the boreal forest, they are destroying ecosystems. Animals start to lose their habitats and that could lead to their extinction.Cutting down too many trees could leave us with less cleaner air.

Some Pictures Of The Boreal Forest Before And After They Cut It Down.

And So:


What oil companies are doing to the boreal forest cannot go on any longer.Oil companies should be encouraged to find a space of empty/abandoned land. A large space where there aren't many living things/people.I will write a letter to one of the oil companies that make huge oil sands in the boreal forest.In that letter there will be all the cons of making these oil sands. Hopefully they will take some action.