World War 2

The Battle Between Worlds

World War 2

World war 2 was the most distructive war ever and was fought for many reasons like Pearl Harbor or they holocost. Let's start with the holocost the holocost was very terrible thing and is not ment to be joked about or talked about lightly. So I think we should address it head on because it was a very serouse problem I mean you have a crazy dictator murdering millions of inosent people. And it all started with anti-septic propos (propagandas) these law toke Jews human rights away and I mean human rights I'm not exaggerating these laws were so unfair Jews weren't even aloud to sit on park benches! And it was all because Hitler thought these people were resonsible for the loss of world war 1. He thought they were responsible for the economic down fall after world war 1 because of there skills because Jews are very organized people the made great bankers and when the economy fell they had the money and Hitler didn't like that so he thought if he became president he could go and wipe them out and problem solved. He made every one believe they were bad people and the must go and the people listened for a time then they realized it was bad but were to scared to stand up against him. He was useing fear to keep his people in line. And know to why we were involved not only because of hitler and the holo cost but because Pearl Harbor as well and of course this was because the emperor was angry at America because we placed an embargo on them. This means we won't trade with them because they invaded French Indochina and we didn't like that. Turns out they didn't like that we didn't like what they did. So they found it a good idea to bomb us and in 1945 august 6th and 9th we repaid them with a bigger bombs.


World war 2 was a very deadly war but we still do fight and you can't Change that. And we do have attacks like in Paris and we are fighting Isis. There are like suicide bombers today killing people and there were suicide pilots in world war 2 that would fly straight into boats. And we did go to war with Iraq and Syria and killed bin Ladin and cadafy. So in conclusion we do fight we can't change that but it is very similar and different.


There are lots of differences to. For one in war today you don't have a murdering president trying to preform a genesis on a global scale. You also don't have an Air Force that destroys a whole harbor do you. You may say we are in a war with Syria and Iraq because of Isis. When the Japanese attack we put them in a concentration camp with out the killing and I don't think we are putting Muslims in concentration camps today.
Pearl Harbor Survivor Arles Cole