Monday Memo

AAA News You Can Use-November 16

Monday Moment of Reflection

We will be conducting learning walks this week in preparation for instructional rounds in January. Schools feeding to Lee have identified a common problem of practice: Shifting from teacher directed instruction to student center learning with a focus on increased rigor. The two links below will provide you some background information using instructional rounds to improve teaching and learning.


Common Planning Times

Focus for meetings this week will be learning walks. A schedule of groups and classrooms to be visited will come in a separate email.

This Week at a Glance


  • Vision Screening
  • Velveteen Rabbit school performances (8:50 grades 5-8 Students should go to second period and then to the show. We will hold second period until show is over.) (1:00 PreK-4)
  • Progress Reports go home
  • Magnet auditions


  • Poe Fest
  • Magnet auditions


  • Vertical Team Meeting (ELA-O'Brien's Room, Math-Cuff's Room, Science-Knutson's Room)
  • Magnet auditions


  • Magnet Auditions
  • Skate Night-encourage your students…over 100 attend last month.


  • Second grade hearing screening

A Celebration of Edgar Allan Poe

The AAA 8th Grade Presents….Poe fest

The 8th graders have chosen to present some of Edgar Allan Poe’s works through dance, visual arts, music, and theatrical performances. The following times have been reserved for you and your class to enjoy a 10-12 minute walk down the middle school and art hallway and enjoy their presentation of mystery and macrebre.

7th grade 1:30

4th grade 1:40

5th grade 1:55

6th grade 2:05

3rd grade 2:15

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November 17-Kristi Clower

November 18-Stacy Lang

November 30-Marcia Staples

Can Do Good

The Elementary and Middle School student councils will be conducting a Canned food drive for the Can Do Good Social Design Competition from Monday, November 6, 2015 to Monday, November 30, 2015. There will be boxes placed at both entrances to the school for students to drop their donations in the morning. Please help us collect as many cans as possible!

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Mills, Roberts, Schertz


King, Gaines, Leopold, Knutson



(This teacher should check cafeteria each day for students that need supervision until their after school activity begins. A teacher will arrive to get them by 3:15. We have not had may after school events but they have started up-math team, robotics, rehearsals, etc)

STAR Progress Monitoring this week: ELA (MS will be on Wednesday)

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Don' Forget!

  • Please select a student helper or group of helpers to pick up your collaborative learning space at the end of the day. Furniture should be neatly arranged for the start of the next day and all trash/belongings removed from the floor.
  • When you are absent you need to ask someone to cover duty. Do not rely on a sub to do it…we may not have one.
  • SUBSTITUTES!! There is a sub shortage in the district. Please put in AESOP immediately if you will require a sub. Splitting and covering classes is not optimal but without a sub that is our only option. Even if you contact/confirm with a sub, it must be entered into AESOP.