1st Grade Newsletter

January 6 - 9, 2015

Happy Holidays from the 1st Grade family to yours!

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Reading--drawing conclusions

Grammar--writing grammatically correct sentences using "is" and "are"

Math--measuring length using nonstandard units


Wearing the Seasons...

Our first week back in January, we will be learning about the four seasons in science. We will focus on the colors you see, the changing landscape and changing temperature, and the types of clothing worn for each. For the remainder of the week we will be “Wearing the Seasons.” PLEASE do not go out and buy anything special for this, it’s just something fun we are doing to help students remember the changing colors we see as the seasons change. Below is the season for each day, and a list of suggested colors…

Wednesday—Fall—wear orange, yellow, brown

Thursday—Winter—wear white

Friday—Spring and Summer—wear green, yellow, red

If your child wants to get creative and wear a scarf on Thursday for winter and sunglasses on Friday for Summer, that’s fine! The more that they create their “seasonal outfits,” they more likely they are to remember it.

Thanks for your support at home!

Spelling Words--Test on Jan. 9th

Long o, o_e, long u, u_e

1. hope

2. nose

3. note

4. rope

5. cute

6. cube

7. close

8. quote

9. chop

10. whale


11. resolution

12. seasons

Upcoming Events

Monday, Jan. 5th--No school for students, teachers return to work

Tuesday, Jan. 6th--Students return to school

Thursday, Jan. 15th--McDonald's Spirit Night

Monday, Jan. 19th--No school, MLK Day

Friday, Jan. 23rd--Early Release at Noon, end of 3rd Six Weeks

Thursday, Feb. 5th--RES Math and Science Night

Feb. 9-13--Teacher Appreciation Week

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. King, Mrs. Stanford, Ms. Sanderson, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Wright, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Dossey (left to right)

Conference time: 12:50 - 1:45