Vietnam War Propoganda

By Alexandra Lake Mrs. Rodden


Propaganda is used in media to persuade people to adopt the ideas that the propaganda presents. It portrays any viewpoints in positive ways to make large amounts of people conform to those ideals. Propaganda is there to convince people it is alright to harm another country or people. This demonizes the enemy with untruthful statements with little facts to back them up. These messages are meant to be simple to be understood by everyone.
Vietnam was a socialist nation which had total control of the media and used it to spread their propaganda this way. They boasted how successful they were and demeaned South Vietnam and America. They had many ways to spread their propaganda such as the Doi Tuyen Vo Trang. These were propaganda ‘teams’. They traveled from village to village performing skits and plays. Another way they spread propaganda is through the radio. A popular propaganda show was Hannah Hanoi in which a Vietnamese woman spoke in English and only talked about the American defeats and their successes. As well as this many American media opposed the war as well. They were fed up with a war they didn’t understand and wanted it to end. This brought America to be more opposed to war and changed America to be more resentful of war.
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The V in the book always tried to indoctrinate the POWs with V propaganda. They often told them that America was terrible and wouldn’t let any prisoners say anything bad about them to the public. Even in a Christmas ceremony the V catholic priest spewed out how the Americans were sinners. They often became resentful of the V and thought they were all out to get them. They became very wary and unsure of everything they said. They never knew what was true or false. This caused many anxieties in the POWs.
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