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November 2014

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in National Young Reader's Week and helped to make it fun for our students! Mrs. Griggs and I appreciate everyone who swapped classrooms, dressed in their PJs, read outside in the hallway, and promoted reading all week long with their students. You are all so wonderful!

November is National Picture Book Month

Celebrate picture books during the month of November with one of these brand new gems:
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Why not try a book tasting?

Tired of your students never picking anything new to read? Tired of students who only pick books they are not ready to read? Come in to the library for a book tasting! Sign up for a time that is convenient for you, let me know what your goals are for your class (breaking out of a rut, finding just-right books, trying a new genre, finding new non-fiction), and I'll set up a sampling of books for your students to try.