Fashion Designer

Emma Kaebisch

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What they do

Fashion Designers make clothing that are in the cutest styles! They also make up styles that would look cute.

Work Environment

Fashion Designers work indoors.

Work with people or no?

Fashion Designers work with people because they need new ideas that will flow from other peoples minds.

Working with your hands, head, or both?

They work with their hands because they need to sew fabric and make new things that also include drawings for what they are going to make.
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Earnings Potential

They earn 34,110 a month and 126,290 a year.

A set schedule or viable hours

Fashion Designers work 40 hours a week to meet deadlines.

Do you want to supervise others?

Yes because if I was working I would want someone telling me to make that better and showing them how to make something cooler.

Qualities that you have to succeed in this career

A fashion designer needs majors and degrees to make clothing that people will by at the store.
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Would you need some type of training or college?

Yes you would need some sort of degree or major.

How do you know that you could do this type of work?

You would know because you would need to know how to sew and create clothing that looks nice to sell at stores and have a reasonable amount of time to be able to be a fashion designer!
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