Room 3 News!

December 11, 2015

Star of the Week!

Our Star this week enjoyed bringing the attendance to the office and delivering snack drinks! His friends think he is a hard worker and a nice friend! He has 1 dog and 1 brother! He likes to play his X-box and eat pizza!
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Mokie Monday!

This month we talked about how horses and other animals adapt to winter. We sorted animals that migrated or hibernated. We also sorted animals by their body coverings.

Combinations of Numbers

We found many ways to make combinations of different numbers. There is a hidden staircase in the blocks but we had trouble finding it! We will continue to investigate and manipulate the blocks to see when and how the staircase will appear.

Thank You for your Service!

Our Veteran's Day Cards arrived to Mr. Rowlands! Holiday cards are on their way!
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What a beautiful week to be outside! And by weeks end, no coats were necessary!

Kid's Quote of the Week!

"The Elf on the Shelf at my house is REALLY bad!!" :D

School News

*Thursday, December 17- Holiday Snack and Movie

4 & 5 grade Winter Program 1:10 and 6:30

*Friday, December 18- Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day/First Grade PJ Day

*December 21-Winter Break! Happy Holidays!

*January 4th- Return to School