Welcome Back to Bally!

Published: August 11, 2019

Principals Message

Welcome back, everyone! We're very excited for Wednesday's start to our second year. We're going to try to cram as much info as we think you'll need for the first week into this newsletter. If we forget ANYTHING...reach out. We're always an email or call away.

Erika Bowles


James Demetrakis


Bus Routing Information

Click THIS LINK and input your information. If you get a white error page after you input your address, then email Crissy at crissy.nelson@boone.kyschools.us or Jill at jill.stinson@boone.kyschools.us and then will send you your info via email. The system is fussy from time to time.

School Hours

Doors open: 7:00am (students report to gym or cafe)

Breakfast: 7:00-7:30am

Tardy Bell: 7:35am (students must be in their 1st period classroom)

Buses, Walkers, Bike Riders dismiss: 2:35pm

Car Riders dismiss: 2:40pm (could run a little later the first day)

Morning Parent Dropoff

You may drop off kids beginning at 7:00am daily.

1. Pull into the FIRST entrance as you approach Ballyshannon.

2. Drive along the curb (avoiding the special needs bus loop on the right side of our building).

3. Pull to the crosswalk in front of the building. You will see Officer Jump indicating where you should stop.

4. Students in cars lining the sidewalk should exit their car and walk to the front door.


Afternoon Parent Pickup

Car riders will be dismissed last. This will allow the buses, walkers, and bike riders to leave campus before cars start moving. Car riders will be dismissed at 2:40pm daily.

1. The first car should enter the first entrance to Ballyshannon when you approach the school.

2. Pull along the curb, pass the cross walk, and drive all the way to the top of the lot.

3. All cars follow same pattern.

4. Do not block the cross walk or the special needs bus loop.

5. When students are dismissed, they will exit to cars. Students may use their phones after they exit the building so if you'd like to text them to tell them where you are parked, they will get your message when they walk out of the doors.

6. Cars will be dismissed once all cars along the line are loaded.

**Please note, if you are the first car in the line and your child is loaded but all of the other cars are not ready to leave campus, you will wait until everyone is loaded before we dismiss cars. Officer Jump will dismiss the car riders.


Students have been assigned lockers. There can be adjustments made on the first day. Kids can bring in locker decorations, shelves, mirrors, etc. first day or any day during the year and beautify their personal space when they have time.

Need Your Schedule?

If you were out of town for schedule pickup, swing up to school Monday or Tuesday between 7 and 3.

We Are Bally Night

This event, after careful consideration, will now occur in September. We wanted a "back to school" event, but we also want to make sure it's super informative. Our Leadership courses will be taking on the planning of this event to make sure we have a solid extracurricular fair and it's designed in a way that's best for students and families.

We Are Bally Night on August 23rd or 30th (depending on how caught up you are) is cancelled and rescheduled to September TBD (when the kids tell me it will be.

Apologies for any confusion we have caused.

Parent Nights

We are planning several parent events for the year. Stay tuned for more info about the following:

  • Standards Based Grading Info Night
  • Online Programs--Help Me! Night
  • Parent Book Study--book TBD
  • What's it like to be 11-14 years old in 2020?