Rule of Law

Three Blind Mice Story

The Farmers Trial

The farmer was sitting in his house making a necklace out of the mouse tails his wife had cut of the mice. The police knocked on his front door and when they saw him wearing the mice tails they arrested him immediately. He was put into custody with a bail at $7,000 for the felony of animal cruelty. He was put in front of a grand jury in which the accusation was found completely valid because he injured animals without killing them. His indictment was for three charges of animal cruelty and given a public defender because he was not nobility in rural England. At his arraignment,the farmer plead guilty and his bail was reset at $15,000. The Petit jury also found him guilty at his trying. The farmer plead guilty so his sentence could be shortened and it was shortened by one year. During the trial, one witness who was subpoenaed said he saw the Farmer making the necklace when he walked by the Farmers house. The Farmer, who was the defendant, stated that was impossible because there were blinds over the windows. The Farmer was prosecuted because his house had no blinds. Because he lied he was also charged with perjury. In the verdict, the judge convicted the farmer and he was sent to jail. The farmer then appealed but was found guilty once again.