Ville de Gatineau

“A must visit in the Ottawa region”


Ville De Gatineau is located in the northwestern hemisphere, northeast of Chicago about 648 miles. it is located at 49 degrees 29' N and 75 degrees 39' W or just in western Quebec.


Ville de Gatineau is a very unique place for many reasons, however it is also a lot many other towns. They have museums like the Canadian Museum of Civilization that many people visit. It is also, in general, a very family oriented community and has tons of parks and places for children to play. People there speak mostly French but a lot of English too. There are many schools, however lots of parents choose to home school as well.


Ville de Gatineau is a lot like its surrounding areas as far as weather and people go, however it is very different in the fact that it is more urban while its surrounding areas are more rural.


In Gatineau, to get news people watch television just like in most places, however due to weather many people loose electricity and therefor big news must travel through voice from person to person. People get around mostly by car or plane. Traveling by train or subway is uncommon but a small percentage of people use those ways of transportation.

Human-Environment Interaction

Most people in Ville de Gatineau own winter coats and other winter clothing due to cold weather, however most people also own summer gear because it can get pretty hot in the summer as well. People in Gatineau are very "close with the environment" meaning it is rare to find a bunch of liter in one place. People there really like to keep our earth "happy"!
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