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Mobile communication system

As a result of this variety of devices, is faced recharge api problems whenever a mobile Web application is developed. The mobile communication systems, more particularly mobile telephony, are another example of the evolution in the last decades by many current forms of communication. The gradual transfer of the analog to digital character other than open new possibilities that previously were difficult to imagine communications. Mobile communications recharge api are a way to transfer information, with the additional constraint that involves mobility allow one or both partners. In practice, the transmission medium is subject to constant changes result of displacement of the terminals.

That is why, the connection must be sufficiently protected to ensure a minimum quality of service across all communication. For the first analog systems ensure mobile recharge for free QoS passed through operate with margins sufficient protection recharge api to respond to any channel impairment. However, the use of such protection margins results in a reduction of effective capacity. Today, the growing demand for mobile telephony services is required to implement more complex systems more robust and technologically turn, in order to respond with the same quality of service despite working under worse conditions. This challenge is faced with optimism thanks to the possibilities offered by new forms of digital communication.

The study and improvement of the performance of a mobile communication system through the detailed knowledge of the transmission medium. The deduction of dimensions to the maximum capacity of a system implies knowing the characteristics of the transmission medium. Channel models in mobile communications move away from the Gaussian channel. Signal fading, with its components of slow and fast character in time, due to the changing environment around the transmitter and receiver, suggest the need to implement new ingenious mechanisms that counteract. Furthermore, the incorporation of channel coding techniques, such as using block codes or convolution mobile recharge for free codes, they improve the system efficiency.

However, the nature of mobile radio channels mobile recharge for free reduces the effectiveness of these techniques. It is channel storage time associated with the traveling speed of the terminal. The utility of this error correcting codes is constrained to incorporate a variety of techniques that allow the elimination of recharge api the channel memory. The most widespread to eliminate the channel memory method is the temporal diversity through interlocking information. It is also true that there are other complementary techniques, such as spatial diversity used in base stations, by placing separate antennas enough to ensure a degree of non-correlation between the received signals.

Unfortunately, this technique of spatial diversity can not be used in mobile recharge api terminals for lack of space. Among other alternatives, for mobile terminals, you can use any technique of frequency diversity, such as the frequency hopping. Despite minimize memory channel, it remains characterized by fast fading, Rayleigh log-normal, and slow fading, recharge api type
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