Josue Guzman's Social Media Journal


--JOURNAL #1--

Internet at our finger tips, we can connect to the whole world with the touch of a key.

Social media in a nutshell

Social networking.jdp

All of these are the most common way people communicate with one another online

--JOURNAL #2--

YO! wuddupp? wat r u doin' l8er on today? if ur nt busy come scoop and we culd go to 6Flgs. I heard dat their doin' sumthin wif the new rides, sumthing like dat. after chillin over they're we culd go by the lake and just chill wif the crew ya' feel?

--JOURNAL #3--

Mobile screenshots of "Sochi"

Desktop screenshot of "Sochi"

The main difference between the mobile screenshot and the desktop one is that on the mobile screenshot, it shows information on Sochi, such as geographic information. Thought I didn't see much of a difference comparing my search results with my fellow classmates, I do understand how our search results can vary between us, with what we search, location, and how we profile ourselves online can be a huge influence on what come back to us online.

--JOURNAL #5--