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Bacterial vaginosis - The drug of choice for women

Vagisan is the first and only registered drug with lactic acid in the form of a peccary in Croatia, which maintains the normal acidity of the vagina, and the low pH of the vagina. Thus reducing the risk of bacterial vaginosis, and can be safely applied during pregnancy and lactation Lactic acid in the vagina is important because it maintains normal vaginal acidity or pH must be lower than 4.5. Should the acidity or raise it above 4.5 pH creates favorable condition for the occurrence of BV. It is a syndrome of imbalance between the reduced number of lactobacilli that produce lactic acid and increased the number of anaerobic bacteria, primarily Gardnerella vaginalis. It is the most common vaginal infection in women of reproductive age in the United States; about 16 percent of pregnant women have GV. The presence of these bacteria increases the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease especially after curettage and hysteroscopy.

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Also, during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth. The only symptom of this infection is heightened discharge odor of rotten fish. The intensity discharge usually increases after intercourse. Patients do not complain of other symptoms such as itching and burning, except in cases when multiplied by the GV and fungi , primarily Candida albicans, which is also easy to multiply in conditions of low acidity, and elevated vaginal pH, higher than 4 , 5 What are all used Vagisan? Diagnosis is based on the patient's symptoms, examination per speculative - which also reveals grayish milky discharge in the bottom of the vagina, and analysis of native preparation when observed under a microscope so-called "clue cells", cells that resemble tangles because on their edges accumulates a large number of bacteria (GV). The low pH of vaginal lactobacilli that maintain physiological glycogen from exfoliated epithelial cells of the vagina converted to lactic acid. Until the pH of the vagina comes disorders or due to lack of glycogen in the epithelial cells or due to the reduced number of lactobacilli The result in both cases is the same - the reduction of lactic acid in the vagina, which creates the conditions for the reproduction of GV, but other bacteria and Candida albicans. Approval Vagisan for traffic in Croatia is very important because this medicine is prescribed as a preventative in women in whom the possible disruption of vaginal flora, for example, in women who are receiving chemotherapy or are under chronic stress , as well as in women receiving immunosuppressive therapy. Vagisan be prescribed as adjunctive therapy for bacterial vaginosis. It is also recommended taking VAGISAN during and after antibiotic therapy. The main objective of the use VAGISAN normalizing vaginal pH by using lactic acid, which returns an alkaline milieu of the vagina to acid, which is a prerequisite for the growth of lactobacilli and anaerobes block copying, primarily GV's. Clinical trials have demonstrated the safety of VAGISAN during pregnancy and lactation. Vagisan does not require any special storage conditions; the recommended duration of treatment is five to seven days with a vaginal administered into the vagina at night before going to sleep.

Bacterial vaginosis - Prevent infection of the vagina and cervix

The cervix Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics from Polyclinic Sun says the cervix (opening to the uterus or cervix) may also be subject to infections. Most significant problem we face is infection with HPV (human papilloma virus), and we know now that HPV causes cervical cancer. Of the 100 types of HPV, about fifteen types can cause cervical cancer", explains and adds that HPV is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. About 50 to 80 percent of sexually active women are infected HPV infection throughout life, and up to 50 percent of these infections are monogenic type of HPV. Although most of these infections are withdrawn during the two years, about 10 percent of women will develop precancerous changes. In 20 percent of these women, if the infection is not diagnosed and not treated will develop cancer It should be stressed the importance of risk factors for HPV infection, and these are irresponsible sexual behavior, often changing partners, smoking, presence of other sexually transmitted infections, smoking and long-term use of birth control.

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"Today it is clear that cervical cancer can occur without monogenic HPV, and that almost none of the women would not be allowed to die from the disease, although they still are diagnosed annually in Croatia about 360 and died about 100 ' , he adds. Prevention is key! Therefore, it should be emphasized the importance of prevention, which entails responsible sexual behavior, condom use, vaccination against HPV infection, regular gynecologist, and taking a Pap test. Depending on the results of a Pap test, a gynecologist will advise further proceedings. Cancer cervix is unique in that we know the cause, risk factors, we have the possibility of relatively easy, painless and quick diagnostics, slowly evolving, preceded by precancerous changes - all of which gives the possibility treatment. Why do not you use it? All recurring infections that do not recognize or neglect can lead to a disruption of the reproductive health of women in terms of infertility, frequent miscarriage, pregnancy complications, premature birth and growth of the child, and in the case of HPV infection and malignancy that requires radical treatment