Bennett's Book Nook II

Que Rozier

Top Ten

1)“His father, Yao Zhi Yuan, was a 6-7 forward on the Chinese Men’s National team. His Mother; Fang Feng Di, was a 6-3 captain and center of the Chinese women’s National team.”

2)"I could only make a layup if no one else was around."

3)"We had to be on the court at six in the morning, we wouldn't eat breakfast first. We'd go distance running. After running, you would have to make 100 shots. Then you would eat breakfast and rest for 30 minutes and go right tho practice."

4)“My Parents have a lot to do with why I am good at basketball.”

5)"Two months before the 2002 NBA draft, the athletes playing outside of china would have to turn over at least half of their pretax income to chinese government agencies."

6)'I have endured so much frustration, a little more won't beat me"

7)"In June of 2002, the Rockets had made Yao the first non-American player ever to be drafted 1st in the NBA."

8)"The new government regulations would cost Yao millions of dollars."

9) "One day Yao going to have a real impact in the NBA."

10)"In less that two minutes he had blocked two of Shap's Shots."

Thematically Speaking

The theme of this book is dedication, Yao Ming had to go through many obstacles. He had a long journey to become the hall of famer he is today. He had to go through the chinese government, critics, and make his family proud all at once.

Best Seller

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) is an amazing league for North American fans to follow. It features old-school, up-tempo basketball with a lot of American players. You’ll undoubtedly see some familiar faces and more than a few career revivals. The CBA is well run and very fan friendly.A few Chinese players who competed in the CBA in the early stages of their careers including: Wang Zhizhi,Yao Ming, Mengke Bateer, Yi Jianlian, and Sun Yue.

"B" sides

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