Novio Boy

A hilarious play by Gary Soto


Rudy , the main character , is going on a date ,but he doesn't have the confidence needed. So he asks around for advice and help. his date is certainly going to be one to remember.

Theme-always have confidence. Evidence-scene1-"Man I can't believe I going on a date with a girl"

  • Internal conflict: Rudy doesn't have the confidence for his date. Evidence-scene 1 the conversation with Alex. "man I can't believe I going on a date with a girl"

  • External conflict: everyone shows up on his date by accident. "Rudy it's a cosmic thing that we all gathered around."

Main Characters


1)Coincidence-a remarkable concurrence of events Synonym- chance.

2) Reminisces- to indulge in an enjoyable collection of events Synonym- remember.

3) Baffled-totally bewilder or perplexed Synonym-surprised.

Favorite Quote "Uncle' I mean you. Something quiet"

This is my favorite quote because it shows Rudy is trying to set the mood for his date because he is trying to gain confidence.