Kool Spring Breaks

Featuring.... kool kidz

And now, a kool spring break.

There once was a boy, who pulled the couch up to the computer and snacked on Doritos while his "legal" download of Dishonored GOTY edition finished. This boy was called...Nikolas 0_o. His spring break was full of "exciting" video gaming and twelve packs with a side of chips... who wouldn't enjoy that...? probably lots of weirdos...

Another kool spring break

This spring break, i went to Pluto, and comforted him. I convinced him he was still a planet. He really appreciated it, so he thanked me with the gift of..thanking....So after that, i went to Mars, and slayed the magic dragon. Just kidding that would be ridiculous. I went to mars to visit lil' rover. Yeah that's right i named the drone thingy lil' rover. We got some sick pics of the... the uh... the.. hills?

But what now? You'll never guess. ANOTHER KOOL SPRING BREAK YEAH.

After my misadventures across le solar system, i am now taking a relaxing trip to.... 35000 feet under the sea, where the leviathans dwell, and the humans are crushed due to water pressure. If you do not know, a leviathan is a "fabled", ancient sea serpent several billion times the mass of a human. They be kinda big, ya know? So anyways, i saw one. And it swallowed my Anti-water-pressure-submarine in less than half a bite. I barely escaped with m- nah never mind i'm not gonna be a drama-queen... I totally stabbed the thing through its Empire-state-building-sized-heart with a sword fish i made a deal with earlier. You know how freaking sharp those little mouths of theirs are?
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