Autumn Creek Elementary Newsletter

July 7, 2021

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Principal's Message

We have been busy!

June was a month marked by our ACE staff getting together for something we called Onramp. The purpose of these sessions was to get our staff together so they could get to know each other. We spent time looking at our core beliefs, key commitments we make to each other, and spent a big part of the morning looking at our vision for excellent instruction at the school. These were really great, high-energy days and it made us even more excited and ready to welcome your kids to our school in August.

We can't wait to open this beautiful school for you and your family! When you are inside you will quickly see that your kids are getting the best school facility. Our goal is to make the teaching and learning match the look of our amazing school. Be on the lookout later this month for information on how you and your family can come see us for yourselves!

Schedule time with Mr. Edwards

Autumn Creek families, would you like to have a one on one or small group meeting with Mr. Edwards to talk about our new school? Do you have questions that you would like him to answer? You can pick a time that is convenient for you to meet with Mr. Edwards via Zoom. Schedule time with Mr. Edwards

Construction Update

We have reached the final stretch run in the construction of Autumn Creek Elementary. Over the last two weeks, crews finished plastering our tree in the lobby, and it is now being painted to look like a tree. All painting around the building should come to completion in the next week. Currently flooring containing graphics is being installed in the pods. Our elevator is now installed. Carpet install is complete, and ongoing site prep will continue including installing a fire lane, finishing the north driveway, sidewalks and landscaping.

We continue to bring building staff with us to get a tour of the facility and to see their actual room or offices! Pictured left to right are Laura Palmatier (special education), Mia Betancourt (math ALT), Katelyn Powell (2nd grade teacher), and special education paraeducators Katrina Fletcher and Betty Bocard!

We still do not have an official move-in date but will keep you posted when we know more!

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Volunteer at ACE!

Are you interested in volunteering in any capacity at Autumn Creek?

There's no time like now to fill out your volunteer background check form. If you have already done this so you can work in another school, you do not need to do it again.

For new applicants, select Autumn Creek as the place where you will volunteer and provide the rest of the requested information. It's easy! For more information on the volunteering process and to fill out the form, please go to this link.

ACE Staff Highlight

We officially have hired all of the Autumn Creek staff! It took more than 6 months of work, but we believe we have found the best staff for your kids and your family! We can't wait for you to meet them. Until then, we will introduce the final two individuals below.

Olivia Cofield- Special Education interventionist teacher

Olivia comes to ACE from Humble Elementary. She is very proud of her four beautiful and active children. Ayanna and Jevon both attend Summer Creek High School. Madison attends Woodcreek Middle and Payton is the youngest of the bunch is headed to Woodcreek Middle. She has taught Pre-K for four years, 5th grade Science and 2nd grade Math/Science/Social Studies for two years, Science/Science Lab for two years, self contained ESL second grade for two years, 4th grade RELA/ESL for four years, self contained 3rd grade for a year and self contained 4th grade for a year. She was the teacher of the year at Kelso Elementary in Houston ISD. She was also ESL teacher of the year at Orange Grove Elementary in Aldine Elementary two years in a row.

She loves to learn and teach, build relationships, music and dancing. She has taught at Humble Elementary for three years (4th grade self contained, 3rd grade self contained and 4th grade RELA). She looks forward to building positive and meaningful relationships with all of the students and staff at ACE.

Markee Rudy- Special Education Paraeducator

Markee is a former employee of Humble ISD who worked at Summer Creek High School as the Attendance Specialist for 7 years and also as Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director for 2 years. She has raised her 3 grandchildren in Humble ISD and all 3 graduated from Summer Creek. Being the mother of 6, three by birth and adopting her 3 grandchildren when they were young has given her a strong foundation in nurturing and loving all of God's children. She looks forward to supporting our students and helping them accomplish their goals. Markee has been a resident of Fall Creek for 16 years and looks forward to working with the students and Team at ACE.

Upcoming Important Dates

7/19 - Annual Update opens

8/10- First day of school at ACE!

Unregistered Contacts

Do you know anyone in your neighborhood who isn't getting our emails? Please forward this to them and ask them to reach out to us so we can add them! Contact the Autumn Creek Secretary by email at

Information on Registering your ACE Student for the 2021-2022 School Year

On June 16, registration opened up for all grade levels. If you need support in registration, we encourage you to contact our Registrar, Lisa Burns at 281-641-5703 or contact her by email at

Current Humble ISD students who indicated they would attend ACE next year will be automatically moved over to us.

If you know of anyone who has moved into the area and needs to register their kids, please send them to our website at for a link to online registration forms.