Harry Houdini

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Harry Houdini life

Harry houdini was born on march 24,1874 in budapest hungary .

when harry was 13 he and his father moved to New york city .

when harry was 18he could hold his breath for then 3 min. and thats how he could do so many of his escapes, in his career.in 1894 harry launched his proffesional career as a magician .

so come on down to one of harry amazing escapes

u might watch harry jump of a brigde, in handcuffs . you may be able to see harry get out of the chinese water torture tank . thats what he is known for.

also you my see harry Houdini lovely wife on stage with him she has been his long life assistant.

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"I am great admirer of mystery and magic .look at this life all mystery and magic "

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harry houdini timeline

some people say that harry houdini is frod and a fake .and his magic is fake. but harry lives on and dose not tell his secerts and so he dose not give up and people are still stunned at what this mans life was and the hard ships he went threw .

harry was born on march 24 1874 in budapest , hungary

when he lived in hungary there where segergation aginst jews and couple of harry friends invited to america 1878.

harry had only a sligth education because of the frequent movement . s

in 1893 harry a fellow performer as Wilhelmina beatrice Ranner and she became his life long assistant .

in 1994 his prefessional career lunched

in 1912 Houdini did the Chinese water torture tank which would be remember to his death so Houdini was suspended by his feet upside down in a lock glass cabinet filled with water requiring him to hold his breath for 3min to escape

in 1912 harry did the needle trick swallowing of dozens of needles and a thread and then puking up the thread with all needles neatly treaded on.

and in 1926 Harrey died of a ruptured appendix . after suffering a blow to the abomen by university student T. Gorldon whitehead