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To start off an awesome new year at Prep...

here are three productive mobile apps to make your life easier, especially if you have lots of photos and videos on your device!

Capture by YouTube

Phones have made recording videos on the fly much easier, but getting that video off your phone (or tablet) is still a little frustrating for some. YouTube has a free app called Capture that will let you automatically upload a video to your own private YouTube account, all from your device. What that means is that your video has its own YouTube page, for as long as you'd like, that you can send as a link. This can be incredibly helpful for several reasons: it frees up storage space on your device, makes your video easy to view from anywhere without worrying about it being public, and more. Let me know if you need help getting started!

Google Photos

Similarly, having photos take up too much space on your phone can also be frustrating. Google Photos is an app that will sync with your phone's picture gallery so that every picture you take will automatically upload to your personal Google account (depending on how you use this, you'll want to pay attention to whether you're uploading to a personal Account or your Prep account). That way, you can rest easy knowing that you can delete photos off your phone without losing them forever. This also gives you an easy way to share single or bulk collections of photos with anyone you choose, whether they have a Google account or not.


Create a PDF from a printed document within minutes. No need for a scanner or even a computer. Take a picture from your phone and CamScanner will automatically scan and clean it up, adjusting for contrast, brightness, etc. so your document will look sharp and easy to read. From there you just email it to yourself and you've got your PDF ready to use!

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to e-mail me any questions.