Vocabulary Rich Classrooms

Written By: Holly B. Lane, Stephanie Arriaza Allen

Katelyn Hansen, Section C, September 10, 2015

Main Ideas!

There are four types of vocabulary:
1. oral

2. print

3. receptive

4. productive

Three tiers for selecting words to teach:
1.basic words

2. words that are key to comprehension and are frequently used

3. words are taught as they are encountered

Four key concepts of vocabulary instruction:
1. wide reading

2. instruction of individual words

3. word learning strategies

4.development of word consciousness

Avoid "dumbing down" vocabulary
Be a word conscious teacher

My opinion of the article

I really liked the article. It gave a lot of good examples and strategies to use within any classroom. The main point, to me, about the article was using repetition and practice when teaching new vocabulary. The teacher in the article would repeat new vocabulary until the students understood what the word meant. The teacher taught her students a new vocabulary word without telling them the definition.

3 Questions:

  1. What are some different ways to teach vocabulary?
  2. How do you pick vocabulary for higher and lower level students?
  3. How can you assess if students are learning the new vocabulary?


Lane, H., & Allen, S. (2010). The Vocabulary-Rich Classroom: Modeling Sophisticated Word Use to Promote Word Consciousness and Vocabulary Growth. The Reading Teacher, 63(5), 362-370. doi:10.1598/RT.63.5.2