Indus Valley Culture

Lizzie, Andrew, Nick

Culture Introduction

Culture is the traditions, language, clothing, etc that a place has and is known for. Culture consists of religion, writing, architecture, innovations, and achievements. Culture is very important in people’s lives because it shows different ways people do things. Also when you see someone based on their clothing or language, you’s know where they were from. In the Indus River Valley Civilization, they practiced the Hinduism religion and believed in many Gods but 3 main ones. For writing, they had symbols that showed and stood for stuff like animals or food. Indus’ architecture was mainly big grid-like cities with wells. The main innovations that they had were jewelry, pottery, cotton clothes, etc. Their biggest achievements was their public drainage system and bathrooms. The culture developments during the River Valley civilizations made the largest impact on the.

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  • They had big grid like cities. They made it like this so they had an easy time making the plumbing/drainage systems and so they know that the people in the higher classes where more towards the middle so they had more protection.

  • Another piece of their architecture was wells. The wells were a reliable water source that provided the whole caste with water. Each caste had there own well. If they ran out of water they would of had to make another well.

  • Another piece of architecture is their pools of water that they could have bathed in. This is a pool that was used for. They usually bathed in it once a day and each caste had their own pool. The leaders had the biggest and the slaves had the smallest.

  • One other is the drainage system. Indus was the first civilization to have drainage systems. The drainage system is to let water out of the streets and use it for something like watering the plants.

  • The last reason is they had building that were 3 stories tall. These buildings were up to 30 feet tall. They made these houses because as there civilization grew they had to house more people. Also they used it as defence to. If intruders came they would have to destroy more things to conquer them.


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  • The tools they made were very helpful because the made stuff easier. For example they could make tools like shovels to help them with farming food and the cotton.

  • They improved to make fertile plains from the Ganges river

  • They had a very good public drainage system. The public draining helped with their bathrooms. Once the bath would get full, their public drainage systems would drain it and it would be clean.

  • They created bathrooms which were basically big baths of water. There would be a big huge bath in the town. It was filled up for water and the people would go in it. The slaves were not aloud to use the same one as the highest caste.

  • They created symbols as writing. The symbols would stand for important stuff in their civilization. For example, an animal, a farm, something new they made, etc.

Culture Conclusion

A big impact was made on the River Valley Civilizations because of the culture. The Indus Valley people practiced the Hinduism religion and believed in many gods.The writing they had were symbols that stood for stuff of importance. The architecture of their cities were big and grid-like.Some innovations they had were jewelry pottery and others. Their achievements were things like bathrooms and plumbing. Culture had a big impact on the River Valley Civilizations because if the River Valley people had no culture no one would know a lot about them because the clothing, writing, jewelry, pottery, would all look the same. Then nobody would know the differences and which civilization is which. Culture is very important.