Meet Briley Burks

By Briley Burks

About Me

I play baseball for the Greenville Majors #17. I am smart cool and funny. The positions I mostly play in baseball are pitcher 2nd base and catcher, but I can play everywhere. I play almost every sport. I like to play video games my favorite games are war games and fighting games. My favorite war game is advanced warfare. My favorite fighting game is Mortal Combat . When I come home from school I play games, go outside or play with my dogs. I also love to go deer hunting The biggest deer I have ever shot is a 13 point buck. I love to hunt everything like rabbits, squirrels, ducks, and Dove. I have 2 dogs one is a golden lab and the other one is a chawini
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my other favorite game

My Animoto Viedo

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My snowflake I made