TMS Backpack Exchange

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Backpacks Came Early

The new backpacks arrived early so we are exchanging them on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015. Class schedule and procedures are listed below.

Exchange Schedule (in Media Center)

8:30: DiTondo, Pozega, Sursi, Ciletti (8th Grade)

9:00: Jolly, Stiles, Reasbeck

9:45: Lemings, Justice, Brinager

10:15: Flury, Ross

1:20: Roberts, Chapman, Leonard

1:50: Milliron, Stockov, Reep

Process for Exchanging Backpacks

  1. All backpacks must be empty before coming to the Media Center.
  2. In the classroom, students will completely empty their backpack, including shaking it over a trashcan.
  3. Teachers will arrive with their students at the Media Center at the specified time, with their empty backpacks.
  4. Each class will line up separately, at one of three tables.
  5. Students will drop the old backpack into a box and receive a new backpack.
  6. Students will remove the plastic bag and 5 gel bead packs and drop them in the trash.
  7. Students will proceed back to class with new backpack.

The Backpacks Have Been Redesigned:


Reinforced Straps

Fabric Pocket on Side, Instead of Mesh

Stronger Zippers

ID Holder on Side, Not Front