PLC Tech Sharing

April 2016

Back from NCTIES!

I'm back from NCTies, the technology conference held in North Carolina. I received many good ideas that I will share with you; I hope you will be open to trying something new in your classroom!

Some overarching themes from the conference, for me, were:

  1. Teachers need to be allowed to fail. "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly" - Robert Kennedy
  2. If we do not have relationships with our students, then content means nothing. Especially as high school teachers, we get hung up on the content. Content is NOT the most important thing. Investing in each others' well being is.
  3. Technologies come and go, but relationships last. Students matter and they need to be reminded . . . often.
  4. What do you want students to do with technology? Communicate? Collaborate? Maybe, but more, you want students to innovate, create, connect, take action, raise awareness, and ignite a love for learning.

Be brave, and dare to learn something new. Challenge your students to do the same.

How to get there:

  1. Login to DE
  2. Search "sos"
  3. Click View Strategies by Skill
  4. Pick a strategy based on your objective
  5. View the how-to video
  6. Click on Materials to download the how-to PDF

I am amazed at the resources DE's Spotlight on Strategies(SOS) offers! DE has solicited help from teachers to build a rich library of classroom strategies. No longer is DE just a video repository or a benchmark testing utility; DE helps you blend the technology in your classroom.

One of my favorite strategies is A-E-I-O-U - a different way to watch a video clip. Also, check out Table Top Texting. Please take advantage of these resources!

At my conference last week I stumbled upon some “breakout room” activities already made for teachers.

I know you all enjoy those. Here are some activities that you can use in your content area with your students. I hope you get some use out of these.

Just scroll down and you should see the games. You will need the password “showyourwork”!

Storytelling for the Youtube Generation

This is a large file. Make sure you open when you have a lot of bandwidth.

This Prezi, by Steve Dembo, is full of videos and ideas of how you can incorporate them into your teaching and learning. Each example shows one video from YouTube(likely viral), one re-make, and one curricular re-make.

Get inspired! Some of your students are making videos anyway, turn them onto making videos for instructional purposes. Ever thought about allowing a student to "write" a lab report using a video? What about assigning students to create an "Epic Rap Battle?" What if a student could demonstrate their understanding by creating a 6 second Vine video? View the examples in the presentation.

Six Second Shakespeare