Dartanyon Crockett

2012's U.S Paralympic's Judo Team


Dartanyon Crockett was born with Leber's disease, which is a degenerative disease that causes acute vision loss. At the age of eight, Crockett had lost his mother and had a father who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. This left him with an unstable home life and caused him to turn to his high school wrestling team for an outlet where he later held a record of 26-3 his senior year.
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As a wrestler, Crockett relied on speed, strength and strong attack to pin down his opponents quickly. He was tough and aggressive. He viewed life's obstacles as a challenge from God and all he had to do was react to the challenge positively. "I want to fight to the best of my ability and leave it all on the mat. I want to go home with no regrets."

Crockett strives to compete in the Paralympic's through 2020

From Wrestling to Judo

Crockett began his transition from Wrestling to Judo when the USA Judo coaches recruited him in 2010. "I took the opportunity and ran with it." says Crockett. He took 1st place national title in the 81kg and 90kg categories.

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Each year, The U.S. Olympic Committee subsidizes Dartanyon's tournament travel and competition fee's while he must raise money for the balance. This year, he is working to raise 5.000. his 2014 schedule includes tournaments in the United Arab Emirates, Texas, Florida and San Jose and two trips to Brazil. Some of these competitions are qualifying events for the 2016 Games in Rio. (carryontrust.org)
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London 2012

  • 2012: Bronze medal: 2012 Paralympic Games
  • 2012: Gold Medal: 2012 Paralympic Trials
  • 2012: Gold Medal: Senior National Paralympic Championships
  • 2012: Silver Medal: German Open for Visually Impaired
  • 2012: U.S. Paralympic Judo Team
  • 2012: U.S> Parapan American Team
  • 2011: U.S. Paralympic World Team

Symbolic Theory

It's symbol is composed of three "agitos" which in latin means "I move." They're a red, blue, and green all encircling a single point on a white background. The agito is also a symbol of movement in the shape of an asymmetrical crescent.
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Dartanyon Crockett

Dartanyon Crockett, like many of the other Paralympians, has managed to achieve tremendous goals despite their disabilities. What I find most inspiring and different about Crockett is that he not only strives to be the best of his abilities but he also strives to help others be the best. He shows others that you can beat the impossible and face any challenges that come your way.