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June 1, 2021

Reminder! 9th-11th Grade Textbook/Lab Kit Return & Awards Pick up is tomorrow June 2nd 8am-11am

9th-11th Grade Textbook/Lab Kit Return & Award Pick Up will be June 2nd from 8am-11am at Rockdale Magnet

Schedules for next school year will also be available for verification tomorrow at Textbook Return!

Instructions for pick-up/return on June 2nd

Textbook/Lab Kit Return & Awards Pick up will happen in the Magnet Driveway from 8am-11am on June 2nd. Please see the instructions below.

1. All participants must wear a mask throughout pick-up and return.

2. Please write your last name, first name and grade level in large print on a sheet of paper and display on your dash or in the window.

3. A Magnet staff member will come to your vehicle to collect any items you have to return.

4. A Magnet staff member will place in your car an envelope with your items, your Memory books, a copy of your schedule for next year, and any other items you have to collect from the school.

5. If you have a brief question about your schedule, a counselor will be on site to answer quick questions. Extended requests should be addressed using the link,

Please note that students will keep laptops with them for the summer and return these at the start of the school year.

Includes Free Transportation & Lunch!

Free, Official SAT Practice with Khan Academy is a great option for summer academic enrichment!

Rockdale Magnet School Mission

The mission of RMSST, a specialized research-focused learning community, is to foster and produce students who think ethically, critically, and independently while excelling in competitive academic environments and demonstrating high standards and expectations.