Famous People From Spain

Jude, Alexa, Evija, Trenton

Salvador Dali

He was born in Figueres, Spain.
Salvador was the only surviving male of his family. Painted a picture the is known as a ''brain-teaser''
He and his wife Gala Eluard fled to Europe in 1940 and then went to the United States in the war years.

Chirtriano Ronaldo

He was a very good soccer player,very dramatic,and determined to win.Christiano is very rich.In fact,his team pays him over 100,000,000!When he was a little boy,he would sneak out of his bedroom at night to play soccer.
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Federico Garcia Lorca

Born June 5, 1898 in Fuente,Vaqueros
Attended Sacred Heart University
His favorite neighborhood was Harlem
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Paco De Lucia

He plays guitar
A lot of different guitar pitches
Combines different types of music
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