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Mrs. Sarnow - HNR District School Counselor

Helping kiddos help themselves


Social/Emotional learning is HARD WORK! Learning how to regulate your own emotions... IN the moment, takes practice. AND patience:) This is necessary in order to build better relationships with our friends, teachers, parents, siblings, and most importantly, with ourselves!

One of the things we have been working hard to instill in the students here at HNR is advocating for yourself. What do YOU need from a friend, a teacher, or a parent? Using "I" messages is a great way to let others know how you feel and what you need to be different. An example of this might be:

I feel mad

when you take my things without asking

Because sometimes you don't give things back.

I need you to give back my stuff when you say you will.

EXPLAINING your feelings rather than BLAMING the other person makes everyone feel heard.

A strategy that can be helpful in ending the complaining cycle, is to focus on the GOOD! Below is a short video on how, and WHY, it is important to notice these things:)

How to Notice Good Things in Your Life

Elementary Lessons

During our counseling lessons at the elementary, we have focused A LOT on emotions and tools we can use for self-regulation. Not all situations require the same strategy so it is great to have a whole "tool-box" full of ideas and strategies we can use when faced with uncomfortable or aggravating moments.

Cute video on emotions :)

"Emotions" - StoryBots Super Songs Episode 8 | Netflix Jr

Intermediate Lessons

At the intermediate school, we have wrapped up our discussions and work on careers. We are now focusing a lot on drama, how to NOT get involved, and strategies to use to self-regulate our emotions before we say things we don't mean and can't take back. We have also talked a lot about conflict-resolution strategies and role-played situations to help us prepare for appropriate "in-the-moment" reactions.
Teen Voices: Dealing With Digital Drama

Whole Hearted Counselor shared this wonderful image of Reminders for Hard Days:)

Big picture