P&H Pharmaceutical Company

Located in the Greater Pittsburgh Region

Job Description

As the pharmaceutical industry is growing and looking for statisticians to design clinical trials, collecting information about drugs’ effects, and testing thousands of chemical compounds to find which ones cure which ailments.
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Eduation Requirements

You will need to have completed courses at college in these fields of biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, humanities and social sciences. You should also have a bachelor's degree in drug information, professional ethics, and public health concepts. Also have laboratory experience. Some of the classes you had to take include these: biopharmacy, medicinal chemistry, physiology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacy law, pharmacy practice, healthcare systems, pharmacy management, therapeutics and pharmacokinetics, but you did not have to take all of them.

Job Opportunity

Our company is looking for Pharmaceutical Statisticians. It is really important that you come to our company. We have the nicest and friendliest staff out there that blows the competition out off the park. Also we are looking for Pharmaceutical Statisticans for our Greater Pittsburgh Area in Pennsylvania. We are also located in all 50 states plus China, United Kingdom, and Australia. So please fill out an application at www.P&HCompany.org/careers/apply it is easy to apply so go ahead and APPLY! You will be reached with in a week for an interview.

Pay Scale

Per Hour: Low: $10 High: $17

Annual: Low: $70,319 High: $132,064