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The Nike High Heels - Still a Fashion Best Seller

Very high heels. Can anyone really think that these types of footwear were truly built for walking? Review any wholesale fashion website for women's styles and there you have it, you are apt to see name brand footwear that include these designs. Stilettos are named for a sword and they look like it, ranging up to 8 centimeters high but with an itty bitty single cm point. Even so the stiletto continues to be in style even if impractical and unhealthy.

On the health question, the stiletto heel is totally wrong for the muscles and skeletal structure of the feet. So much weight is pushed down toward the bottom of the foot that it is the same as an elephant balancing on one digit. Foot doctors report that bunions, sprains, and foot injury have become much more common among women who sport these fashions. Not to mention spine problems, arthralgia and neck injury.

What could possibly be the reason women buy them? It is said to create the look of a long slim leg, muscular calf, and small foot. It also affects posture so that chest and hips, are emphasized, imagined by many to be attractive. (Leave aside all the talk of the high high heel as being a part of the world of fetishes, we decline to indulge in that discussion!)

The fact remains the real attraction is the look and feel of a terrific wholesale fashion high heel. And being tall is a kick! Perusing a wholesale fashion internet site and discovering a pair of rhinestone studded pink heels with 6 centimeter height and an open toe under a lattice work design -- really, how can that not make you want to wear them? And have you seen the Lamborghini stiletto? True, it is just a photograph as yet, but c'mon a shoe looking like the famous Lamborghini sporting headlights? Okay, not really manufactured yet, just an ad, but don't you think that someday you will be able to find this flamboyant design or a great imitation at a wholesale fashion merchandiser who specializes in shoes?

The high high heel is not disappearing whatever critics may say: Alexander McQueen is previewing a ten inch high shoe for spring 2010!
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