Romantic Drama You Will Love

What Are You Waiting For... Read Them!!

What Is This?

This text set will leave your heart pumping for more as you read these books about people's love problems. As you read these books, they might be too mature for young kids. I highly recommend these books for mature 8th grade girls that like these kind of books. For example...

Better Off Friends, By Elizabeth Eulberg

Better Off Friends is a heart-warming story about two friends. But they are a boy and a girl. People at their school says boys and girls can't be just friends. but they are, and they like it that way.

More Books!

Better Off Friends isn't that mature, but I still highly recommend it. Here are some more books that are more mature. These include Nightshade, Just One Day, Flirting In Italian, and Altered. These books have more romance and more drama.

In The End...

These books have totally made me want to read more. They go together because they all have romance and drama that are really good. This text set would be mostly be good for mature 8th grade girls that like romantic drama. Other books I’m looking forward to read that might fit this text set are The Pull of Gravity or Wake up Missing.