November Curriculum Connections

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The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department of the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center wish you warm and heartfelt blessings this holiday season! Enjoy the resources we have selected for the month of November!

Paired Text

Students are required to read, analyze and then synthesize ideas gathered from multiple sources on topics. Using the right passage informs and extends student understanding of a topic or theme. It is important to recognize the criteria for selecting passages of text. PARCC’s passage selection guidelines identify criteria for selecting passages of text. Start with thinking about the standard(s) that you are addressing before pairing the selection. Read More.


Do you feel overwhelmed with resources that you cannot keep track of or organize? Use Symbaloo to keep track of all your favorite websites. Symbaloo allows you to assemble your websites in one location and link to them with one click. Symbaloo is free and contains no advertising. Each collection is called a webmix and these are available publicly for all to use. Make your own or use one already completed. Go to and search for the keyword of a topic that interests you. Search from the gallery or use the add (+) key.

All the Muskingum Valley ESC webmixes can be found by searching for MVESC. These webmixes include many of the resources used in PD sessions at the ESC.

As an example: MVESC PD Math: On Task!

Something Fun to Make and Yummy to Eat!

How cute are these little guys?! Only three ingredients and so easy the kids can help too.

Some melted mini chocolate chips, Hershey's Kisses and mini Nuttery Butters. For the quick directions, head on over to Six in the Suburbs.

Distance Learning Student Session - Spending Time with Mrs Claus!

Do you need a holiday themed lesson to address the Common Core Standards in Mathematics? The interactive video conference…Spending Time with Mrs Claus will address academic needs and keep your students talking for days to come. This is one of our most popular December lessons!

. December 1, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

· December 2, 2014 – Grades 1-2 (9:30am EST); KDG (1:30pm EST)

· December 3, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

· December 4, 2014 – Grades 1-2 (9:30am EST); KDG (1:30pm EST)

· December 5, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

· December 8, 2014 – Grades 1-2 (9:30am EST); KDG (1:30pm EST)

· December 9, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

· December 10, 2014 – Grades 1-2 (9:30am EST); KDG (1:30pm EST)

· December 11, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

· December 12, 2014 – Grades 1-2 (9:30am EST); KDG (1:30pm EST)

· December 15, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

· December 16, 2014 – Grades 1-2 (9:30am EST); KDG (1:30pm EST)

· December 17, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

· December 18, 2014 – Grades 1-2 (9:30am EST); KDG (1:30pm EST)

· December 19, 2014 – KDG (9:30am EST); Grades 1-2 (1:30pm EST)

Connection Details

Visual and Performing Arts Gifted Identification

Do you know of any students in grades 3 – 8 who possess exceptional abilities in art, music, drama or dance? If you do, please let us know. State law, ORC 3324.03, requires every school district in Ohio to provide an opportunity for the identification of students gifted in the visual and performing arts area. Our school districts, supported by Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center, are working to fulfill this mandate. Read more and find out how to nominate a child.

“Skinnying” the Standards into Six Buckets

Discover a unique way to break down the Common Core into manageable groups. Using buckets, teachers and students will better understand expectations of the Common Core overall as well as what is expected during a particular lesson. See this video from the Teaching Channel.

Next Generation Assessments

The Next Generation of Assessments are right around the corner!

Technology aspects of the online assessment could prove to be engaging yet challenging at the same time for students. Students can prepare for the new technology by practicing with PARCC’s online practice assessments in English Language Arts for grades 3-11 and Mathematics grades 3-8, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Integrated Pathway. Students need to understand how to navigate the assessment and feel comfortable with the various components. There are great practice sites that would be especially helpful to practice the technology skills. Eric Curts, on his Next Generation web site has identified technology skills by subject and grade level Register for free on the following Pearltrees website, organized by INFOhio to access more technology activities.

Read More.

Math Curriculum Maps

Working on Math units and curriculum maps? Looking for ideas and samples for problem Based units? Check out this resource on Math Blogging Retrospectus.

New Bloom's Taxonomy Sheet

New Bloom's Taxonomy Sheet with Over 80 Web Tools to Try Out (from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A resource of educational web tools and mobile apps for teachers and educators, November 1, 2014)

I am not sure if you have seen it before or not but this is absolutely among the best works I have seen on Bloom's Taxonomy. Since the time Bloom's Digital Taxonomy was released, several versions of this new taxonomy have seen the light with each one slightly different from the other in terms of the tools or apps it integrates with each thinking level. The Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel is something to remember here but the present resource I am sharing with you today is a work in progress which means it is growing and getting bigger. And guess what, you can also take part and contribute if you want. Read more.

Rich Math Task

Rich Math Tasks are a great way to address the Common Core content and practice standards! Check out these websites for examples and to spark ideas:

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