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Weekly Newsletter - October 27, 2019

Red Ribbon Week

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Send a Message - Stay Drug Free

Red Ribbon Week was started after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who in 1985 was brutally tortured and murdered by drug traffickers he was investigating in Mexico. As a tribute to SA Camarena, high school friend, Henry Lozano and Congressman Duncan Hunter, created “Camarena Clubs” and the wearing of a red ribbon to show their oppositions to drugs.

In 1988, the National Family Partnership coordinated the first National Red Ribbon Week with President and Mrs. Reagan serving as honorary Chairpersons. Since then, the Red Ribbon campaign has taken on national significance, and NFP continues to coordinate the campaign for families, schools and communities across the nation each year. Wearing red ribbons during the month of October continues to represent our pledge to live drug free and honors the sacrifice of all who have lost their lives in the fight against drugs.

The LEHS Student Council has planned activities for next week as part of the national celebration of red ribbon week. This is a time of education on how drugs are robbing so many of all ages of the ability to live life to the fullest. Even though this war on drugs has been on-going for over 30 years the best weapon against addiction is to educate everyone on the harmful effects of drugs so hopefully people will chose not to start down the hazardous path of addiction. Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. Families of all walks of life and all income levels are susceptible to the harmful effects of drugs.

We live in a time of an opioid crisis rooted largely in the illegal use and abuse of prescription drugs as well as communities across the US legalizing marijuana which makes it even more difficult to protect our youth from the slippery slope of drug use. Another more innocuous danger that has taken root in our teen population is the use of vapes or e-cigarettes. In September 2018, Food and Drug Administration commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb declared e-cigarette use an epidemic among teens. Today almost every newscast has yet another story of how vapes are being connected to serious lung disease.

We are dealing with an unusual number of incidents involving students and vaping here at Little Elm High School. This week as a part of our Red Ribbon Week activities, the American Heart Association will be presenting the latest information on the dangers of Vaping to all of our students. The assemblies will be held Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Peaster ISD released the following informative video on the topic. Please watch the video in order to familiarize yourself with the paraphernalia, as well as the dangers of vaping. We need your help in eliminating it from our campus.

According to brain research, teens are especially prone to risky behavior believing that nothing bad will happen to them. This is one reason that many teens make impulsive decisions to try drugs. We must work together to educate students, parents, and teachers on the signs of drug use so together we can make a difference in the war on drugs. In the words of Kurt Cobain, "Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self-esteem."

Renee Pentecost


Little Elm High School

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Teens falling victim to the JUUL effect

Teens and Vaping

We continue to see a rise in the use of vaping by students. This is a national epidemic and there is a lot of information available for parents and students on the harmful effects of this trend. The Child Mind Institute website is full of current information on health related topics for families. Their recent article titled "Teen Vaping: What You Need To Know" gives parents current information on why parents should be concerned and how to talk to teens about vaping.
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Counselor's Corner

Did you miss LEHS Counselor's Tuesday Talk?

LEHS Counselor's host Tuesday Talks an onsite in-person discussion group that meets monthly at Little Elm High School, and is hosted by Little Elm’s Intervention Counselors Adriana Beck and Deborah Deverich, along with our Family Facilitator, Yamile Quintero. Every month, we will talk to an expert and bring you the information you need to know about important issues facing today’s students. Last Tuesday's Talk was a presentation on the dangers of Vaping. Click on the image above to listen to the presentation.

Unity Day, Wednesday, October 23

LEHS Counselors talked with students about standing up FOR each other and AGAINST bullying during Counselor’s Corner @LittleElmHS on Wednesday, October 23. #UnityDay2019
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Early Bird 30

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Each year our Superintendent, Daniel Gallagher, hosts a special luncheon for the first 30 seniors who turn in their college acceptance letters to our College Readiness Coordinator, Mrs. Keisha Brown. The Class of 2020 is setting records in the number of college acceptances and scholarship offers. The first thirty seniors who turned their acceptance letters in were honored last Wednesday at their luncheon. Congrats to all of these seniors!

LEHS Students of the Month: October

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Community Service and Volunteering Sets These LEHS Students Apart

Karmen Brown - Senior

Karmen is a 4 year veteran LEHS Cheerleader who is serving as Captain this year. She is also the Class of 2020 Class President, a Track athlete, and a member of the LEHS Student Athletic Leadership Council. She is currently deciding between Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas A & M Universities to continue her post-secondary studies in Journalism. She is currently interning with the LEISD Communications Department and has written several articles for the electronic newsletter. You can read her latest article here on the Texas Tech Instant Decision Day. Karmen has qualified for a President's Volunteer Service Award for submitting over 100 community service hours by helping with the STEM Innovation Camp and volunteering at the Little Elm Library.

Karmen's teachers shared these thoughts on Karmen's contributions :

Mrs. Gaston, AP Biology teacher - "Karmen always has a smile on her face and is always pleasant to be around. She is serious about her studies and always asks good questions to better understand the content. She diligently works in class and helps encourage/help all those around her."

Mrs. Brown, AP Calculus teacher - "Karmen is a very intelligent young lady who performs well academically and as a leader. Her attitude really affects the rest of the class even when she has questions, she is so positive just as she is when she is helping someone else out who has a question."

Mr. Perry, AP English IV teacher - "She accepts challenges with humor and determination. When she falls behind, she accepts responsibility for it, and she can always be trusted to be proactive and ask for help when needed. These traits will do wonders for her in the future, and it will be exciting to see the contributions she makes to society in the future."

Mr. Rodger Hutley, Marketing Practicum teacher - "Karmen is excited to be an intern in communications because she is hoping to use the skills she learns to become a Sports Broadcaster after graduating from the college of her choice."

Adria Flores - Senior

Adria has been a member of the LE Sports Medicine Program for 4 years. Adria was voted to the LESMD Leadership Council as the 3rd year Level Student Athletic Trainer Representative. Representatives of the LESMD-LC coordinate student activities, create "Student Athletic Trainer of the Month's" presentations, shop for Adopt an Angel Christmas gifts, and communicate with their level of memberships. She has been accepted to Utah Valley University and plans on studying Nursing to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Adria has qualified for a President's Volunteer Service Award for submitting approximately 140 community service hours by volunteering at her church, while also helping with the LEISD Back to School Bash and the LEHS Chart Your Course.

Adria's teachers shared these thoughts on Adria's contributions :

Mrs. Pope, Health Science teacher -"Adria is a positive spirit in the classroom and always has a smile. She is a joy to have as a student."

Mrs. Chance, US Government teacher - "In Government, Adria always comes with a positive attitude, is creative and works well with other classmates. She's polite and respectful to all, and is a great encourager."

Coach Kidwell, LEHS Sports Medicine instructor - "Adria was given the responsibility as Lead Veteran for Men's Soccer Student Athletic Traner in 2018 and truly shined in her leadership position. She will remain the Lead Veteran this upcoming season as well. Her responsibilities include; communicting with the coaches and developing the student worker schedules for soccer games. She met with the coaches weekly regarding upcoming games and organized 5 other students while setting up their game coverage schedules.

Ms. Sutherland, Art teacher - "She is always positive and friendly to everyone. I think that is what she's best at. Making others feel good and being a positive influence."

Lantana English, Freshman

Lantana is enjoying her first year at LEHS and is already making a positive difference. She is a member of the LEHS Softball program and enjoys playing the positions of pitcher and first base. Lantana has a passion for helping animals which led to her volunteer service at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SPCA. Lantana has qualified for a President's Volunteer Service Award by devoting over 100 hours to helping play with and walk the dogs at the McKinney Shelter. She plans on becoming a veterinarian after attending Oklahoma University where she hopes to also play softball.

Lantana's teachers shared these thoughts on Lantana's contributions:

Coach Jill Miller, LEHS Softball Coach - "Lantana is a great student who displays character becoming of a Lobo. She is very quiet, but always listens and absorbs new information. She is very respectful and not afraid of new challenges."

Mrs. Pope, Health Science teacher - "Lantana is a student who is respectful, helps her classmates, and gets her work done."

Ms. Smith, English I teacher - "She is extremely respectful and hard-working!"

Mrs. Bobo, Algebra I teacher - "Lantana is a hard worker. She takes direction and begins immediately. She is thorough and thoughtful. She asks great questions. Lantana is a kind and caring person."

Austin Montgomery, Senior

Austin is a member of Health Occupations Students of America or HOSA and National Honor Society or NHS. He plans on competing with HOSA this year while also accumulating service hours as a member of NHS. Austin has submitted the most service hours (over 90) this year. He has volunteered with Little Elm Athletic Youth Sports Association or LEAYSA by helping to coach a 5th grade football team. He also served at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church by assisting with their Fall Carnival. While Austin has already been accepted at Texas A & M University in Commerce, he plans to begin his studies at Collin College. He will study History and wants to eventually teach History and coach. We hope Austin will chose to come back and become a Lobo for life by coaching and teaching in LEISD!

Austin's teachers shared these thoughts on Austin's contributions:

Mr. Perry, English IV teacher - "He is always dependable and respectful. He has a brillant mind, but I am so thankful that I can always trust he will come through for any assignment, task, or request. Plus, he is a funny guy."

Mrs. Gaston, AP Biology teacher - "Austin works well with others and is always pleasant to be around."

Mrs. Davis, Pharmacy Prcticum teacher - "Austin was in my Pharmacy Practicum class and interned at CVS. Austin has a great work ethic and is driven to succeed! His pharmacist always had great things to say about him. He did a great job representing LEHS in the community!"

Mrs. White, Journalism teacher - "Austin has been a student that I always expect great work from. In journalism class his work was always interesting. He has real dedication to his classes.

We are very proud of these students and their dedication to giving back. Volunteering is a great way to learn skills that will be helpful as they pursue the vocations of their choice. They are gaining valuable experience that will last a lifetime and begin a habit of meaningfully engaging in their community.

LEHS Canned Food Drive is Here!

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We CAN do this!

October 21-November 1 One Hand Can Food Drive

With 1 in 7 people in the United States counting on food pantries for some of their nutrition, food drives play a critical role in keeping shelves stocked for those in need. This week begins the annual LEISD Food Drive to help local families through the Little Elm Area Food Bank. We would like to invite all LEHS families to support this effort. Our staff has been challenged to donate a minimum of 20 items and I am challenging students to set a minimum of 10 cans per student as their goal. With 140 staff members and 2270 students, it is important for everyone to participate. That is a lot of cans! Some families may not be able to contribute directly but there are ways everyone can contribute.

  • Ask your local grocery store if you can place a donation box at the entrance/exit of their store for community members to donate. Decorate the box and check it daily so that it doesn't become over-full.
  • Place a donation box at your place of employment and ask co-workers to contribute.
  • Place a donation box at your church and ask the church to support our local food drive.
  • If you are hosting a party (birthday, shower, football tailgate, etc.) ask your guests to bring cans to donate to the cause.
  • Host a competition between LEAYSA teams to see who can collect the most cans.

The more we talk about the need to help those families that are hungry and the more opportunities we provide for our students, staff, and community to contribute, the more successful our canned food drive will be. Donations can be dropped off at the LEHS front reception desk. Ultimately our goal is to stock the shelves of our local food bank so that no one in our community has to go to bed hungry.

It is great to be in a community that cares about others!

Click here to see a list of needed items.

***Please note that the food bank is in dire need of protein donations so canned tuna, peanut butter, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

LEHS Food Drive 2019
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Senior Yearbook Personal Ad Information

Deadline to Submit - December 20, 2019

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Order Your Yearbook Before the Price Increases



Good deal. Order a yearbook by Friday, November 1, 2018 to get it for

$60.00. Prices only go up from here!


Sherri White--English Teacher

English III/ Journalism/Yearbook

LEHS 972-947-9443, ext. 21229

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The Monster Project

The Monster Project is the undertaking of a passionate collection of artists who share a common goal: to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential.They invite Elementary students to draw monsters. Once their creations have taken shape, the artists bring them to life in our own artistic styles. Then, when they deliver these new interpretations back to the students in person, they are able to demonstrate new art techniques within their original creative context. They are able to see what their idea sparked in others.

Mrs. Sutherland's Art 1 students have been participating in their own version of The Monster Project. They partnered with Mrs. Thomas art students at Hackberry Elementary who created monsters and then Mrs. Sutherand's Art 1 students are re-imagining these monsters with another piece of art. This has been a great opportunity for both levels of artists to connect and share their creative ideas. You can see some of the products in the pictures below. Well done!

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Do You Need Some New 19-20 Spirit Wear?-

The Lobo Athletic Booster Club has a new on-line store for your convenience. Click here to order your Lobo Gear on-line.

Also don't forget to download the official Little Elm Lobos App. We hope every Lobo Fan will download the app which allows live streaming, access to online schedules, news, and push notifications for scores for all of your favorite Lobo teams! See graphic below on all that the app has to offer!

Did you know that students who qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program can also receive financial assistance in other areas such as:

  • Reduced device protection fee to use a district issued laptop.
  • Fee waiver to take the SAT and/or ACT for free
  • Dual Credit tuition for free at NCTC
  • AP Exam Test fee reduction

High school students often do not want to participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. The Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program is the standard used by many programs to qualify students for financial assistance. Even if a student never uses their eligibility in the lunchroom, they can benefit greatly in other areas if they qualify for the Lunch Program. Eligibility has to be reestablished each year. You can fill out the application here. We highly suggest that all families fill out an application to see if you qualify.

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Tenor-Bass Choir at Allen Americans

The LEHS Tenor-Bass Choir sang at last weekend's Allen Americans hockey game. We are very proud of all of the hard work these young men poured into their performance. They are represented Little Elm High School well!
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Lobo Band Image

Congratulations to the Lobo Marching Band!

Congratulations to our Lobo Marching Band on a fantastic marching season. They had an awesome showing a Area Competition on Saturday. Thanks for always making us proud!
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LEHS vs Independence HS

Pep Rally

LEHS vs Independence Pep Rally
LEHS vs Independence HS

Game action shots compliments of Mrs. Sherri White, LEHS Yearbook Sponsor.

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Congrats to Varsity on the 3 Game Win Against Denton Ryan

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Current and Future Lobo Basketball Players Come Out for Skills Camp

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#lobosuniteagainstbullying #UnityDay2019

Little Elm HS Student Athletic Trainers stand united to fight against bullying by wearing Orange for Unity Day on 10/23/19.
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LEHS Athletic Trainers Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our 37 student athletic trainers have been supporting Breast Cancer Awareness while covering all the athletic events throughout October. Students will be seen assisting with wound care, taping/bandaging, treatment, and rehabilitation in the athletic training facility. You will also see them working at Tennis Matches, XC District Meet, Middle School/High School Volleyball, Middle School/High School Football Games throughout October.

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List of Fall Senior Events

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Prom will be on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at Knotting Hill Place. Stayed tuned for more information.
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Class of 2020 Graduation at UNT

Save the Date:

Thursday, May 21, 2020

10:00 AM

Report Harmful, Harassing, and Bullying Behavior

LEISD has an on-line tool called "Anonymous Alerts" that students, parents, and teachers can use to report harmful, harassing, and bullying type behaviors. Anonymous Alerts bullying reporting mobile app helps combat bullying and other negative activity in schools by empowering students to speak up. Social and peer pressures are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome. Anonymous Alerts encourages students, parents and staff to quickly, easily, and anonymously report bullying, cyber-bullying, gang-related issues, and other sensitive topics through private messages to school officials by building. All reports remain completely anonymous even during a two-way email conversation, although submitters have the option to reveal their identity if they prefer to have a person-to-person discussion.

To send a report from the Web/Internet go to:

To send a report from your phone:

  • Download the Anonymous Alerts® app for free from the Apple Store, Google Play store, and the Chrome store
  • Start the App, enter login: leisd and password: leisd
  • Send important reports to school officials
  • Add a screen shot or photo about the incident
Report Student Concerns banner
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LEHS Traffic Flow Map

19-20 Traffic flow and parking map

19-20 Parking Permit Application

Vist the LEHS Website for all details on student parking.

College Readiness Newsletter

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President's Volunteer Service Award Details

Details on how to earn the President's Volunteer Service Award while at LEHS.

Scholarship Opportunities

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Terry Scholarships

The Terry Freshman Scholarship, known as the Terry Traditional Scholarship, is awarded to Texas high school seniors who have been accepted for admission to one of the Terry-affiliated public universities in Texas. This is a prestigious scholarship that seeks to create a community of educated leaders who utilize their talents to strengthen the state of Texas and impact the world.

For more information:

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Achievement
  • Demonstrated Leadership
  • Financial Need

Affiliated Universities

  • The University of Texas- Austin
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Houston
  • Texas State University
  • The University of Texas- Dallas
  • The University of Texas- San Antonio
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of North Texas
  • Texas Woman’s University
  • Texas A&M University- Galveston
  • Sam Houston State University
  • The University of Texas- Arlington
  • The University of Texas- El Paso

Emory Scholars

What kind of student is an Emory Scholar?
At Emory, we believe the criteria for a merit scholarship goes way beyond GPA and test scores. We invest in students who have creative minds, are intellectually curious, and are engaged with their communities and areas of interest.

More than just a merit scholarship
In addition to full tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board, Scholars often enjoy many of these benefits:

  • university grants beyond what is typically available for research, internships, service, and study abroad opportunities
  • additional mentoring and networking opportunities with top-tier faculty connected to the Scholar programs
  • a community of active, engaged Emory Scholars on campus and across the globe

Application deadline

The Emory Scholars application deadline is November 15. But if students are applying Early Decision I and for Emory Scholars, they need to apply by November 1.

Important details

  • Applicants do not need to be nominated by their high school counselor.
  • Selection as an Emory Scholar is nonbinding.
  • There are three paths into the program: Emory Scholars, Oxford Scholars, and Goizueta Scholars.
  • There is no separate application or additional Scholars essay.
  • All students, regardless of citizenship, can be considered.


Scholarship Search Site - Provided by College Board

College Covered

Sign up for e-mails to get helpful college tips and resources, and enter to win a scholarship! Throughout the year, 40 eligible students and parents will be randomly selected to win a $2,500 Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award to help cover college expenses.

While you are there, check out the website College Covered. Do you want to know what you need in a winning college essay, what college entrance test score you need, or what makes a top notch college application? Get what you need to help get into the college of your dreams with the help of College Covered.

Read this article from the about an App that matches students with college scholarships.

An App Matches Students with College Scholarships They Can Use

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LEHS is a testing site for BOTH the ACT and SAT.
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