The Road To Perserverance

The Stories of Overcoming Adversities


There are people that overcome adversities and hardships everyday and we don't even know about it. Around the world, there are people who are going through really tough times. But right here is where you are going to read about the people who have persevered through those hard ships, this is The Road To Perseverance.

Noah Galloway and Nick Vujicic

These two men are perfect examples of men who persevered. Nick Vujicic was born with no arms, and no legs. But everyday he does amazing things. Things like surfing, running, soccer, there are no limits to his life. On the other hand, Noah Galloway was not born without limbs. Noah was watching TV one day and he saw the Twin Towers go down. After that, he wanted to be in the army, that was his goal. When he was in the army, he had a major injury. He had lost an arm and a leg. But he also did not let this stop him. He ended up going on Dancing with the Stars!

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson, if you do not know who he is, was the first black baseball player ever. In 1943, the Dodgers President, Branch Rickey, had started looking for a black player for his baseball team. Jackie joined the Kansas City Monarchs in 1945 for 400$ a month. In 1947, he was signed on to the Brooklyn Dodgers Organization. Robinson won the title in 1949, and also won the MVP award. In 1950, Robinson was being paid 35,000 which was the most in Dodgers history at the time.

Jimmy Valvano

Some people say that when you have cancer, you have nothing to live for, that you just have to give up. But to Jimmy Valvano, that was not an option. Jimmy Valvano was diagnosed with bone cancer, but he was not ready to die. ESPN has an award ceremony called the ESPY's, and he was asked to speak at them. The only problem was that he was in really bad shape, so he had a very tough debate whether if he even wanted to go to this ceremony. Well he did go, and it was one of the best speeches that the ESPY's have ever had. The coach now has a cancer research facility, and it's motto is, "Don't give up, don't ever give up."