December 14-18

Week 17 - Happy Holidays!

News This Week

Dibels: We have the Dibels reading assessment this week. There is no way to "study" just be prepared to read as well as you can for 1 minute!

PJ Day: Our PJ Day is Thursday. We will be eating a special breakfast, singing Karaoke, and doing some fun activities. We will watch a winter movie after that.

Please either send in $5 or use Sign Up Genius to help with donations. Thank you to all those that have graciously donated already!

Tests: We will have a Unit 3 vocabulary test, grammar, and math test on division Wednesday. There is no spelling or reading test this week. Students will receive a grade for speaking and listening skills while working on a reader's theater script.

Friday Half-Day: Friday is a half-day. I will not be taking attendance. The first bell/car dismissal is at 11:40. Lunch will be a brunch served early. Please remember to send a note if your child will dismiss differently on this day.

Students Return Tuesday, January 5

Capitalizing Test

I sent home capitalizing tests with students. If they are signed and returned, they can retake a similar test to improve their score. The main problem with this test was following directions and not taking their time! We reviewed today in class and everyone knew what they were doing! I emphasized again today that playing in class and rushing are very hurtful when it comes time for the real deal.

We review examples in class that are ON the tests. I tell them questions that will be on the test. For example, last week I told them that the first question would be, "What words do you capitalize and not capitalize in a title?" and we reviewed it daily.

Studies this Week

  • Skills: Speaking and Listening
  • Reader's Theater and Puppet Shows
  • Vocabulary: Vocabulary Workshop Unit 3
  • Dibels Assessment


  • No spelling this week


  • Division - Our main focus right now is seeing the relationship to multiplication and deciding when to multiply and divide.
  • Math Facts - if you practice ANYTHING over holidays, make it addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts! You'd be surprised - many know more multiplication than addition! Eek!!


Vocabulary: active, bargain, gasp, loyal, resource, sensitive, struggle, value, vary, wander


We will work on expository writing a narrative.


  • Commas in addresses
  • Always put a comma between the city and state
  • Never put a comma between the state and zip code
  • Put a comma between the street address and the city when writing in a sentence

Practice at Home

Read Read Read

There are different kinds of reading and students should do them all!

Reading for Fun

Read what you want, when you want, for pure enjoyment. This can be magazines, books, newspapers, comics, the back of the cereal box, directions, anything!

Reading for Knowledge/Practice

This is "AR" - reading on level, reading to comprehend, reading to answer questions... this can be fun also, but it might be harder texts, books you ask questions about, etc.

Reading for Fluency

This is on-level reading for speed and accuracy. Pick a page and time it aloud for one minute. Old test passages are great for this. How many words can you read in one minute? Increase your speed each time. Wrong words don't count!

Important Dates


15 - PTA 6:00, Kindergarten Performs

17 - Christmas Parties / PJ Day

18 - 1/2 Day, Last Day of Q2


4 - Teacher Work Day

5 - Students Return